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Before Piracy - PG-13
By bladegryphon
(sequel to revenge) The story of Gilder and Clara's past, and how it causes them to act in the present...
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Chase me so I can catch you - PG-13
By bladegryphon
(sequel to Before Piracy) Changes in behavior have been noted, and friends worry as two fellow blue rogues, once joyful, spiral down the path of depression...
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Legacy of the Moons - PG-13
By Jada Topaz
*Ch 4 up* Post-Zelos battle. Fina meets Gilder in Nasrad after 3 years. Zivilyn Banes are outpouring. Lawrence and Gilder's past are revealed. The Black Moon appears revealing its Gigas and an ancient civilization that isn't so secret. Fina+Gilder
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Lunar Cycle - PG-13
By Annie Felis
Several months after the death of Zelos and Ramirez, Vyse and his friends hear rumors of a hidden seventh Black Moon. Curious, they investigate this mystery and the possibility of a hidden civilization beneath it. (incomplete) BASED OFF DREAMCAST VERSION
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Revenge - PG-13
By bladegryphon
Gilder leaves the Claudia needing some time to himself, but plenty can go wrong if you've gotten on the wrong side of a phoenix... (COMPLETED)

Tropical Heat - PG-13
By Bear of Glacia
Gilder has always prided himself on being a ladies man. But it seems he's finally met his match when he runs afoul of Kokyrie and her band Ixa'Ness pirates. Will he be able to escape her clutches with his life and his manhood intact. And does he really want to leave?
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