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Clara yawned, then sat up in bed and stretched her tired muscles, tense from the previous night's dream. Slowly getting up, she took a shower and got dressed. After making sure that her things were all packed, she exited the room and headed for the banquet hall, fixing her hair as she went.

At breakfast, she sat next to Urala, and the two of them began to chat. During the conversation, Kirala joined them, and upon noticing who had just entered the room, she began to tease her sister. "Hey, isn't that your boyfriend?"

Urala blushed furiously. "No, Hans and I are just friends."

With a mischievous grin, Clara said, "I think that she meant 'boyfriend to be', seeing as you obviously have a huge crush on him!"

Urala's blush had become stronger, and Kirala nearly fell off her chair laughing. Clara smiled and left the table, allowing the sisters to bicker without interruption. She walked over to the table where Hans, Brabham and Marco were sitting, and said, "Have any of you seen Gilder this morning?"

Marco spoke up, not bothering to swallow the food that he was chewing. "He left this morning at dawn, headed for Nasrad. His crew didn't look too happy about being woken up so early."

The older of the two engineers sighed, and said, "Some things never change. Marco, please try to remember your manners." Marco ignored him.

Leaning over to whisper into Hans' ear, Clara said, "You should sit with the sisters. I know that one of them has the hots for you." Clara then turned and exited the room, leaving behind a rather embarrassed Hans.

The blue rogue left the palace and walked to the dock where her ship was moored. Her crew was already there. While she helped them load the ship, Belle asked, "Captain Clara, could you tell us another story about Gilder, or where you learned to use guns so well?"

The captain of the Primrose, set down the box that she'd been carrying on the deck and leaned on it, wiping the sweat off her brow as she was reminded of another part of her childhood.

We were in Dad's office, standing there on surprise. He's just told us that we were going to be trained to use guns, and that he was going to be our teacher whenever he was home. He took us to the practice room in the basement that he always uses, and gave us each a gun, asking us to fire five bullets at the target on the far wall. I got three bull's-eyes, and Gilder got four. Our training began right then, and the only condition was that we had to avoid being discovered by Mom.

My father left three days later on another mission, and Gilder and I were practicing in the basement. That's when my mother came in. She'd heard the gunshots, and while she didn't bother Dad while he was in here, he wasn't home, causing her to come investigate.

She was furious, and ordered six servants to remove us, three each. I was taken to my room and locked in, and my mother said that she wouldn't let me out until I learned that it wasn't a proper lady's place to use weapons. When I tried to protest by saying that father had been teaching us, my mother responded by saying that I was forbidden to go to the basement again without one of her personal servants as a chaperone of sorts.

I don't know how long I cried for, but I was startled out of my tears when another sound echoed throughout the manor. Gilder's scream. I didn't know what was going on, but my tears of sorrow turned to ones of rage. I resolved to pick the lock and find him as soon as my mother fell asleep.

It was well after midnight when I heard my mother's footsteps coming up the stairs, but I wasn't tired at all. I grabbed a hairpin off my dresser, and I began to pick the lock on my door as soon as I heard hers close. I heard a click, and my door swung open quietly. Tiptoeing down the stairs, I ran as quickly as I could without making too much noise to the basement. I threw open the door to the practice room.

He was in there, facing the wall with his wrists chained above his head. Blood was running down his back, and there was a discarded whip nearby. The chains were too high for me to reach. I grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped it around his torso, securing it with the hairpin. Running to the kitchen, I grabbed the phone and called a doctor who would heal servants. His views were like mine, though I'd never actually met him. His name was Doc. I went to the foyer, and prayed that he would come soon enough to save my friend.
/end flashback/

"Clara, we're ready to go!"

The captain of the Primrose jumped slightly, shaken out of her memories by Belle's yell. Shaking her head to clear out the last few thoughts, she went to the bridge of her ship and set a courses for Nasrad.

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