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Disclaimers: I do not own Skies of Arcadia or any of its characters. At the moment I only own Xavier Bane and Mali.

Are you serious Mr. Me!? Wow that's so cool. ^____^ Yeah Lawrence is a Purlite, you'll later see why Xavier wants him.

I'm glad yal are liking it so far. This chapter will explain Gilder's past and his knowledge of the Black Moon and the Zivilyn Banes.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 3: The Truth About Gilder

Everything went by so fast: Xavier, the battle, Lawrence, everything...

Next thing Gilder knew, he was in the Delphinus, with no shirt on and Ilchymis was tending his wound in his stomach.

"Hold still Gilder," Ilchymis replied while gently touching his abdomen.

"Ow, ow, ow! Careful there! That kick really did hurt!" he whined in pain.

"It's really sensitive right now," he sighed, "The bruise is already forming too... I'll just have to give you some Sacrulen crystals or a green moon stone for that matter."

"Can I lie down? I don't think I can sit up for too long..."

"Go ahead," smiled Ilchymis, "I'll be right back with the remedies."

"Thanks..." he mumbled as he placed his arm over his eyes.

The door violently opened with a very angry Vyse. This startled both Ilchymis and Gilder, but Gilder remained in the same position that he was in.

"Would you like to explain to me what happened!?" Vyse yelled.

A smile crept on Gilder's face, still covering his eyes with his arm, "Sure Vyse, let's talk."

"I'm serious Gilder!"

"Who said I was joking Vyse?" his smiled disappeared into a frown, "I'm as worried as you are."

"The hell you're not! Aika was cast a serious spell on her!! We were lucky that the Curia crystal was able to save her!"

Gilder removed his arm and moved his head to look at Vyse, "You're an idiot you know that?"

"What was that!?" Vyse fumed.

"She was only unconscious. If you actually paid attention, Mali used the fine side of the sword and only shocked her into fainting. If he had used the blunt side, Aika's life would be in danger. The craftsmanship of the fine side was excellent, he only gave her a small scratch on her arm. He only made it appear that he used his whole force."

"You're wrong!" Vyse yelled.

"Actually," said Ilchymis from behind, "Aika only had a small cut. It wasn't deep either. It was the kind of the types you get from brushing against a thorny bush or a little splinter."

Vyse turned a bit red after the comment, "Well I don't care! He could have killed her."

Gilder then sat up from the bed, "You're wrong!" he yelled pointing an accusing finger at Vyse, "The person he could have killed was Fina!! Didn't you pay any attention at all!? He specifically said he was going to kill her and I knew he was not kidding. If it wasn't for Cupil, Fina would be dead!"

"So I'm wrong, now am I!?" trying to make himself look like the victim by putting his hands on his chest to signify me.

"Yes you are wrong! Onyxes detest Silvites! He wanted to kill Fina! He wanted to get rid of her and 'cleanse' the world of having the 'vermin!'" using the quote signs on his fingers, "Xavier hates casualties. Zivilyn Banes are not allowed to kill people unless they're disrupting their training! Besides it is preferred to knock them down, rather than to murder them."

"Why the hell do you know all this Gilder!" screamed Vyse.

"I am an Onyx!" he screamed standing from the bed, not showing any pain from the immediate change in position. His brown eyes leered down at Vyse's causing the boy to shudder in fear: they were no longer the friendly eyes that showed mischief and fun...

Ilchymis gasped, "An Onyx? Gilder you're an Onyx?"

Gilder continued his stare at Vyse, "Yes I am. I found out when I was sixteen."

The door suddenly creaked and the old crew fell on each other as it opened.

"Hi..." replied Aika, "We were just um..."

"Eavesdropping," replied Gilder with no indication that it was supposed to help finish her sentence, "I don't care anyway. It's better that you hear me out."

"Then I suggest that we head for the dining room," replied Kirala, "It's spacious and it's only across from his room. It won't hurt your wound."

Gilder nodded in approval and everyone left for the dining room; Fina and Domingo were the only people not present.

"So explain it!" yelled Vyse.

"Shut up," Gilder snapped coldly, "I'm getting sick and tired of your unnecessary yelling and shouting. Now stop acting like a stupid spoiled brat and shut the fuck up."

This shut Vyse up.

Gilder sat and sighed in relief as the pain lessened on the new position, "Like I said before I am an Onyx."

"What's an Onyx?" asked Marco.

"They are the people from the Lands of Darkness, in which it is situated under the Black Moon," he replied in a softer an gentler tone.

"Isn't the moon just a legend?" asked Urala shyly, "We can't see the moon."

"Only because the continent is hiding. If the continent is lost or hidden, then the moon reflects the continent's actions."

"But the Silver Moon is still around," said Merida.

"Only because the rifts were not thick enough for the Silver Moon to consider it lost or hidden."

"Wait so the Lands of Darkness is located in the Dark Rift?" said a very surprised Don.

"Yes it is...the continent is named Kuro and the capital is called Obsidian. The people of Kuro are called Onyxes, just like how the people of the Silver Moon are called Silvites."

"Are the people afraid to leave?" asked Hans.

"No, actually they come and go. You see them everywhere: Valua, Nasr, Ixa'taka, Yafutoma, and in the small island ports. You just don't know what they are; they look just like us."

"They can navigate through the Dark Rift," Don said thoughtfully.

"Yes... they make two kinds of ships: wooden and metal. And since they don't want to arouse suspicion, they use the wooden ones. They are built in a different way so they can fly across the sky with ease and amazing speed. The Claudia is an example of an Onyx modeled boat. That's why it goes faster and is very steady in rough winds and storms."

"Bam Bam!!" said Izmael, "No wonder your ship looked so different! But it was built ingeniously."

"Wait," said Aika, "Why aren't you with your people?"

Gilder looked down, "When I was six, my parents and I were going to Nasrad for some trading, since they were merchants. My father loved to sail the world and meet new people. My mother was there for the adventure. I did it for those same reasons. We had left port a few hours ago and were almost to the entrance. We were planning to stop at Esperanza, then go back but our plans were ruined..."

"Please continue," replied Kalifa.

"Just as we were about to leave, a Black Pirate ship attacked us. They wanted our supplies and money but my father refused to let them have what they wanted. He was planning on going into a maelstrom to escape, but they fired at us. In an instant the ship crashed into a rock, leaving it was open bait. But the Black Pirate ship was soon caught in a tornado and was shattered into pieces."

Gilder took a sip of water, "I found my parents dead. I was stranded for three days on the ship until another boat came by. They hurried out of the Dark Rift, fed me, and tended my wounds. When we arrived at Nasrad after three weeks of sailing, they took me to an office and signed a lot of papers."

Gilder's gloomy expression warmed a little with one of his signature smiles, "The captain was a woman named Claudia; she adopted me and taught me about sailing. She was the reason why I became a Blue Rogue and not become bitter towards Air Pirates. But I soon forgot about my past and home...Onyx children tend to forget their identities if they are not exposed to the Black Moon or black moon stones; adults and teenagers never forget."

"How did you remember?" asked Ilchymis.

"When I was fifteen, Claudia died in a ship crash. Black Pirates killed her. I was in Nasrad since the voyage was going to take too long. She told me that she didn't want me getting scurvy and to have fun. I was angry. I was angry that I wasn't there to help her. I felt useless... until they returned with some debris. Her will entitled me to all her money and property. And on the will was a piece of black rock no bigger than the palm of my hand. It said, 'I'm sorry that you have to find out about your past by yourself Gilder. You were holding this when I found you, so it's time to give it back. Maybe this will help you remember.'"

"So you became a captain of a ship at the age of fifteen!?" said Vyse in awe and a hint of jealous.

"Yes I did. The rock turned out to be a black moon stone. My memory was coming back to me. I designed the Claudia with the little knowledge that I knew of my past. Within a few months, the Claudia was created and I set sail to find out where I was from."

"What about Clara?" said a very excited Belle.

"Oh her," he said with exasperation, "She wasn't able to find me since I headed towards the Dark Rift and found my way to Kuro. It was my instinct that led me to it... that's when I met Xavier."

"He was Lord Zivilyn Bane, wasn't he?" asked Aika.

"I thought we took care of him," replied Vyse.

"Wrong," answered Gilder, "He had a double do the work. For some reason they were accused of a crime they did not commit. So to clear his name and continue, he had a double dress up like him and command a few other Banes to make it seem as if it was really him."

"SO WE WERE FOOLED!?" yelled Vyse.

"I thought I told you to shut up!" Gilder yelled in return, "Yes you were all fooled. I knew that you really didn't fight Lord Zivilyn Bane, I kept quiet because I knew he was innocent and he would have found a way to escape. Besides he's my uncle."

A few gasps escaped, "Yes my uncle. Well to be technical, my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granduncle. But I prefer uncle instead. That's why you heard him call me nephew."

"How did he know that you were of relation to him?" asked Ilchymis.

"He knew because I kept my name. He also knew that if an Onyx finds his piece of home, he'll find his way back. Plus Obsidian is a very advanced city, we had blood tests. He was kind enough to fully make the Claudia an Onyx ship, becoming more efficient. I stayed in Obsidian until I was eighteen. I met Mali when I was seventeen. He was under training to become a Zivilyn Bane."

"How can you be one?" asked Tikatika.

"Well of what I could decipher, you had to know most of the Moons' magic, especially the Black's. You had to be smart and fast. Never mind the strong, Onyxes have natural super strength. That's why the kick from Xavier hurt like hell. But not every person is qualified to be one. If you didn't want to be one, you could be an Onyx Soldier, which is like a regular palace soldier. And yes Xavier was the one that started the whole thing and most of the Zivilyn Banes that you met were in-training. They are assigned to a place and are supposed to take a treasure of value."

"So I guess we screwed up their chance," sweat dropped Aika.

"No, Xavier knew about you. He didn't put it up against them."

"Why did he want to kill Fina?" asked Kirala, "What's his problem with Silvites."

"Xavier was the boy that changed the alignment of the Red Moon. He has lived for more than 500 years and has seen the wars of the Old World. The people lost count when the event truly happened but it happened 720 years ago exactly. Xavier was thirteen then, now 733. He's seen more horrors than what you can imagine. And all fingers pointed at the Silvites, which really was there fault. So he and the Onyxes became bitter towards the people and they became enemies."

"Do you hate Fina?" asked Vyse.

Gilder's eyes got dark with anger and punched Vyse's stomach, "Of course not! Why would you say such a thing!? It was a good thing that I lost my family while I was young. Because if I didn't, I would have killed Fina the moment I saw her in Nasrad-"

Gasp and sob.

Everyone turned around and saw Fina at the top of the stairwell. She was crying and looked at Gilder with horror. Her right hand was at her heart, while the left was holding on to the rail; she took a few steps back, and ran.

"Fina!" Vyse yelled but the punch was a bit too overwhelming for him to handle and he fell.

Gilder, however, fought through the pain and ran to Fina. Kirala was about to run too, but Ilchymis touched her shoulder and shook his head.

Fina ran to the ship's deck and cried at its edge.

'Why? Why Moons why?!'

Gilder found himself at the deck and walked until he was behind Fina.

"Go away Vyse! I want to be alone!" she yelled, not looking back.

"How about someone else?" he whispered loud enough for Fina to hear.

"Why don't you end my life, Onyx?" she replied bitterly.

Fina felt something hard point on the back of her head, 'His gun...'

"Before you die Fina, let me clear some things. Did you hear everything?"

"Yes, but it hurts to hear that someone that is searching for the 'good life' would turn out to be so bitter."

"As the same to you."


"Remember the first time you met a Zivilyn Bane?"


"Didn't it seem strange that it was always trying to hurt you more?"


"You know why now, right?"


"Now do you remember when you fought a Zivilyn Bane while I was around?"

"Yes I remember it clearly."

"I was at your side at all moments and when you weren't looking, I shot some of the object that the Banes threw at you... I knew that they wanted to hurt you, and I felt a sense of protection. It wasn't fair that Vyse and Aika weren't paying attention to what the Banes were doing. I even gave Vyse a few nudges, but that obviously didn't work. Aika kinda got a few things, but it wasn't enough. I couldn't let one of the last Silvites die. It was like killing the last Wanderbird or Ryuu Turtle. It would have left me marked with guilt."

Fina was silent for a while, "I'm sorry for not noticing it before. I knew something seemed wrong every time we fought a Zivilyn Bane, but I never suspected a deep hatred to exist."

"Life sucks doesn't it Fina?"

"Blows too."

Gilder smirked, "Ready?"


"Bang," the gun was his hand.

Fina pretended to die and fell backwards.

Gilder caught her and held her in one of those one-armed cliché dramatic poses.

Fina opened her eyes and said, "Kalifa once told me, 'A true friend will catch you if you fall.'"

Gilder smiled, "Hello my name is Gilder, don't mind me if I'm an Onyx. I say screw the system."

"Nice to meet you Gilder. My name is Fina and I happen to be a Silvite. I'm on a quest to find a missing Purlite, will you help me?"

Gilder leaned Fina back to her feet, "Sure as hell I will."

"Hey Gilder?"


"Why are you so whimsical yet so dead serious at times?"

Gilder laughed, "The power of the Black Moon is changing positive energy into negative energy and vice versa. For some reason we Onyx are a bit too playful and then we go into serious mode. I blame it on the moon."

Domingo crept behind them, "Hey if you two think you're going un-chaperoned to the Lands of Darkness, then you must be kidding me! I'm going with you and so is the rest of this crew."

"Yup, yup, yup!" chirped Hans, "We're all going to help an old friend in need!"

Fina smiled, "Really? That's great! Oh and Gilder I'd put on a shirt, you might get a sun burn out here in the Nasran sky."

"Ha, ha, ha," he laughed sarcastically.

"Alright then everyone! All on board!" said Vyse, being his old self again.

"Aye, aye!" the crew replied.

"I'm coming too, Gilder my love!" replied Clara, from aboard the Primrose.

"That reminds me... I got some things to do!" Gilder ran as fast as he could to the Nasrad port and into the Claudia.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End of chapter 3

That ladies and gentlemen, is Gilder's past.

The Delphinus was parked outside the port. Enrique obviously brought it along and let the crew rest up to check on Aika and Gilder.

*Dodges flying objects* Don't hurt me yet! Gilder and Fina aren't interested in each other yet! Remember that Fina has been an air pirate for some time now, she's learned to be sarcastic!!!!

*Dodges chairs and Dinette sets* Whoa I'll get to Lawrence on the next chapter!! I promise!!!

Everyone is now off to the Dark Rift to find the continent of Kuro. What will they find there? What kind of people are the Onyx? Is Xavier THAT old? And what about Lawrence? What did he do to get himself in this predicament?

Find out in chapter 4: Fleeing from Home