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Gilder closed the door quietly behind him, inhaling the familiar scent of the room. He was abruptly seized from behind by a pair of strong arms. Laughing, he said, "Yes, Amber. I missed you too."

The arms released him, and Gilder turned to see a gorgeous woman with tan skin and dark hair who was in her late forties. She wore a black silk dress that showed off her cleavage, and her eyes were a deep gold with orange flecks like the resin she was named for. She smiled in return and said, "I didn't expect anything else, hun. Ya know that your reputation's hurting, and you're never one to lose contact with a friend. Now, are ya here for business or pleasure?"

"Business. You know that I only do 'pleasure' here when I can't take it any longer, Amber!"

"Right, right. But my girls are gonna be mighty disappointed. Make it up to them, ya hear?"

Gilder snorted. "You know that I-"

"My ass, hun. You'd get outta it the first chance you got. Let's sit down to talk about this, be cozier."

Gilder followed his friend into the main room of the house, and winked at the girls that were lounged on the various couches and chairs. Sitting down on a red armchair, he asked, "I've always wondered why you decided to open this cathouse instead of a different business, Amber."

She leaned over and smacked him on the head, then relaxed back into the violet chaise she was occupying. "Men gotta have somewhere to let loose when they got no wife waiting for them. Besides, you of all people should know that men think with their crotch, not their brain."

"Ever heard of the phrase 'fake personality'?"

Amber rolled her eyes and got up to deal with the customers that had just entered the room. Unlike the stereotypical cathouse, it worked like a normal inn, the girls were decently dressed, and they wouldn't fawn over you unless you asked for the attention.

Gilder stayed where he was until a familiar voice reached his ears. "Gilder! Why am I not surprised to see you here?"

The captain of the Claudia threw a pillow at Vyse, who ducked, causing it to hit Fina. She glared as Cupil returned the pillow while Aika laughed her head off. Catching the pillow, Gilder asked "What the hell are you three doing at a place like this?"

Regaining control of herself, Aika replied, "We're friends with some of the girls here. They're really nice, and unlike you, we know them outside of the bedroom."

"I resent that!"

Vyse smiled evilly, and said, "Now I can see why you aren't interested in Clara! You like Amber!"

This time the pillow did hit Vyse. "She's a good seventeen years older than me dumbass! We're just friends."

"So you do like Clara!"

"I never said that either. Now shut up, I'm rather touchy when it comes to that subject."

"Or women."

Vyse scampered away before Gilder could throw another pillow, and Aika and Fina followed him, sitting at a table in the corner and talking amongst themselves as a few of the girls joined them. His attention was recaptured by Amber as she sat down across form him again. "I remember when you showed up at that same door nineteen years ago, and how you wound up working in the kitchens to stay here. Hard to believe that it was so long ago..."

"And hard to forget, too. But it was quite fun for the year I stayed here for."

Amber smiled and stood up to make sure that everything was running smoothly, and Gilder closed his eyes, rubbing his temples in an effort to get rid of the headache that had just started.

--My reputation is upheld because people see me here, not because I actually do anything. I only have a little fun with the girls once or twice a month at most. But that's not the problem. I just wish I knew what do about this...--