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In response to KayteeLern's review, Clara and Gilder did live in Valua for part of their lives in my opinion. I don't recall learning much of anything about their past lives while playing the game. I'm writing this story to let people see who the characters really are, and that they're more than just a ditz and a womanizer. I hope that this clears everything up for you.

Clara looked at the clock placed high on the palace wall.

--Wow, it's really late. I don't want to be tired in the morning, so I think I'll go to bed now.--

The blue rogue looked around and spotted her crew over by the bar, chatting with several good-looking young men. Once she realized who they were, she nearly fell over laughing.

--They're talking with Gilder's crew, and neither party has realized it yet. That's too funny!--

Knowing that her shipmates would go to bed soon after they noticed that she was gone, Clara exited the banquet hall and walked through the many corridors of the palace. She reached the room that Enrique and Moegi had provided for her several minutes later. Walking in, she changed into a nightgown and lay down on the large bed.

--I haven't been this tired for quite a while--

Clara turned out the lights, and fell asleep.

I woke up hungry in the middle of the night, so I decided to go to the kitchen to get a snack. On the way, I heard a series of muffled thumps, so I increased my pace to see what had happened.

When I entered the kitchen, I nearly screamed. Gilder was standing near the middle, with a ten-inch knife pointed at his chest. His eyes were closed, and it looked like his position was no accident. I sprang forward, ready to do whatever I could to stop him.

I wrestled the knife out of his grasp. Even though he was older than me, living in lower city had caused him to be weaker than I was, despite being a noble. The back of my left hand burned with pain, for as I was grabbing the blade, I had slashed myself creating a long, shallow cut.

Gilder looked at me with a mixture of shock, rage and despair on his face. It hurt to see him like this. Eventually, he dropped his gaze to the floor again, his shoulders starting to shake. Surprised, I walked over and saw a single tear fall halfway down his face before he wiped it away.

Another fell, but he didn't bother to hide this one. Sobs issued from the back of his throat, and he curled up into a ball on the floor, unable to suppress the emotion. I knelt next to him, hesitantly placing a hand on his shoulder. He moved to brush it away, but hesitated, then allowed his hand to drop to the floor.

Between sobs, he began to tell me everything that had happened, from his ship being hit to remembering everything at once, and being pushed over the edge by grief. By the end of the story, my cheeks were also wet with tears.
/end flashback/

The blue rogue woke up in a cold sweat. Walking over to the balcony, she threw open the doors, taking a deep breath of the cool night air. Sighing, she raised her left hand to the moon, inspecting it carefully.

--The scar can still be seen, a reminder of that horrible night...--

Tracing the white line of the scar with her right forefinger, she went back inside to try to sleep again. This time, she was unhindered by nightmares from her past.