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Warning: In this chapter there will be swearing.

Oh here's a fact that you should know about people named Alfonso. Even though the dude is dead, I swear if I were only in that world I would make fun of him until he dies of my taunting. Either way, like Enrique, the name has a nickname as well. Alfonsos are known to be called "Poncho." (Pohn- cho) Imagine if that's what everyone called him just to piss him off, lol!

Oh and I hope none of you are homophobic, because there is a small hint of shonen ai in this chapter.

Well that's enough of the Spanish. Now let's get on with the fic. Please enjoy it and R&R.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 2: Festival Catastrophe

Gilder shook off his thoughts on the person that he saw, 'No, he can't do anything funny... why would he anyway?'

"Is something the matter Gilder?" asked Fina.

"Oh nothing's wrong, Fina," he replied smoothly, "I just thought I saw someone who looked familiar."

"Oh... would you like to see the person now?"

"Oh not really, I- the hell- MALI!?"

Fina turned around and saw who Gilder was looking at. He was a tall and attractive man with purple eyes and sandy hair. He looked like he was around the age of twenty-five. Nothing seemed too suspicious about him.

"Oi Gilder!" the guy yelled.

"Oh baby! Oh baby!" squawked Willy.

"What are you doing here Mali?!" yelled Gilder.

"Whoa calm yourself Gilder. I'm here for the festival."

"Is that why Xavier is here?!"

"Stop that yelling. How the hell are you gonna impress this lady over here with all your screaming."

Fina blushed, "Oh I'm not with him. He's just a friend," Fina turned around and saw a vendor selling some khale, "I'll be right back, Gilder," she said as she walked towards the cart along with Cupil.


Mali took a good look at Fina, 'Blonde hair. Green eyes. Very light skin...'

"AHH! It's a Silvite!" he yelled jumping on Gilder's arms.

"Will you stop acting like a clown!?" Gilder yelled dropping Mali on the hard floor.

"Clown! Clown!" replied Willy.

"Ow! Sheesh Gilder why'd you have to drop me? Besides she's a fucking Silvite! How the hell can she be-"

Gilder punched Mali's cheek, "Shut up Mali. Go back to Xavier."

"Geez you're such a bitch, Gilder. I can't believe you're with that Silvite. Shit, she looks like Quetya, only skinnier."

"First of all, you don't know Fina. Second of all, you never met Quetya! Xavier's the only damn being in this world that actually met her and is still alive!"

"Keep your voice down stupid!" Mali replied, "Either way I'm only here for the fucking festival. If Xavier could only here that mouth of yours."

"Xavier's not the boss of me."

"Pft whatever. He's the only family you got, so you might as well accept it."

"Hmph, I can't believe I actually wanted to know my roots," spat Gilder, "Well I can't change it. I am what I am, and I have to accept that I am from Obsidian."

"And that you're an Onyx."

"Yes, yes, whatever. Just don't bother Fina, okay?"

"Don't worry. I'll jump on Xavier if I see her again," he said jokingly.

Gilder laughed, "Alright but don't come crying back to me if he's kicked your ass half way to the Yellow Moon."

"Always the same old guy," Mali replied, "See ya!"

Fina returned just as Mali had left, "Who was that?"

"Someone I met a long time ago," he replied, "I met him when I was seventeen. He's three years younger than me... eleven years of knowing the guy. Damn I really need to learn to stay in touch."

Fina laughed, "You're twenty-eight?"

"Yeah how old did you think I was?"

"I thought you were thirty-four."

"Thirty-four!? Do I look that old?" he asked hinting a joke in his remark.

"No not really. I'm not good with judging a person's age."

"I can clearly see that."

"Very clearly! Very clearly!" repeated Willy.


Fina and Kirala were escorted by the Claudia to take back the supplies to Crescent Isle. While Gilder was there, he took the liberty to convince Vyse to let everyone go to Nasrad for the Red Moon Festival.

Soon enough, Vyse was convinced and took all his new crew to Nasrad. They were lucky to find a place to park. Gilder, however, left a lifeboat where he parked his ship, making it easy for him to get a space.

Nasrad was booming with people from around the world in a matter of days. The hotels were almost full, the market was overflowing with customers, and the palace was filled with many important people.

The day of the Healing Eclipse was a day late, but the people didn't mind at all. The only thing that they minded was the fact that nighttime took too long, for their own tastes. But soon enough the sun set, and the night was filled with stars.

It was now time to party.

Fina was having fun trying all the different foods, playing strange games, and dancing to the many beats of the music.

One game that really intrigued her was one from Ixa'taka. It was something called 'soccer' and you could use only your feet, hips, chest and head to move the ball into the goal. The only person that could use his or her hands was the one that blocked the goal. Your mission was to get the ball in the goal without the goalie catching it. Fina enjoyed the game a lot. And by luck, Tikatika was a goalie.

"Tikatika! Hey it's me Fina!"

"Fina?" he said taking a break from the game and taking his usual chicken- like stance.

"It's nice to see you after all these years."

"It is, isn't it? So how are things back on the island?"

"Boring, but I want to invite you to Crescent Isle. Can you come like a week after the festival's over?"

"Hmm can I bring my wife?"

"Of course!"

"Will Polly be there? I love her cooking."

"I'll see if I can get her to come too. But will you come?"

"Sounds like a good cause. I miss the old days. I'll be there."

"Thank you! Bye!"

"Good bye."

'That's one, and only nineteen more to go. Good thing Kirala and Pow are still at home.'

Vyse, Aika, and Fina went to look at Merida performing on a large stage. She started slowly but then progressed into a very fast, yet rhythmic dance. Her movements seemed to have encouraged the people to dance, since everyone started to dance.

Vyse took Aika's hand and took her out to dance, leaving Fina with Cupil on the dance floor.

Merida jumped from the stage and walked to Fina, "Fina!"


They both hugged each other warmly, "So you're at the festival too, Fina?"

"Yes and I wouldn't have been here without Gilder telling me about it."

"Good old Gilder," sighed Merida, "Are you up to anything?"

"Actually I wanted to ask you if you could come to Crescent Isle a week after the festival."

Merida was at a deep thought, "Of course! I'm not busy and most of the time I just travel about! I'd love to come back! I promise that I'll be there."

"Thank you, but have you see Domingo?"

"Oh of course I have. My room is across from his. I'll tell him about it. But of who I'm worried about you finding is Lawrence. No one has seen since the battle with Ramirez."

"Yes and we only have the rumor that he's been in Valua."

"Actually ladies, I've saw him head towards Ixa'taka only a month ago," said a calm, passive voice.

Merida and Fina turned around, "Ilchymis!" they yelled in unison, while both hugging him with happiness.

"I see that you two are happy to see me."

"I'd never think that you were the kind to party," replied Merida.

"Yes are you here to dance?" asked Fina.

"Actually I'm here to witness the Healing Eclipse. I want to research its power, but at the same time enjoy myself for the time being. And I was looking forward to see the reenactment of the legend."

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Fina has a plan Ilchymis!" jumped Merida.

"What plan might that be?"

"I was hoping that you would visit Crescent Isle a week from the festival. It would make things much more happier if you were there."

Ilchymis frowned a bit, "Darn it I can't. I'm too busy..."

Fina's face grew a bit sad, "Oh that's okay, I understand."

"We'll speak in your good name anyway," replied Merida.

"Just kidding! Of course I'll go! I wanted to see how the island was doing anyway. You guys actually believed that I would turn an opportunity like that!?"

The girls laughed, "We never thought you'd be the joking kind, Ilchymis," said Fina.

"Yeah, most of the time you're all cooked up in that book of yours."

"Yes well medicine is my life... and about Lawrence, he was buying some medicine from me a month ago. I asked him where he was going and he replied, 'Ixa'taka. It's the closest thing to my home.'"

"Home? I wonder where that could be?" said Merida.

"Maybe you can ask Domingo if he can find him, Merida," said Fina.

"Well if you ladies would excuse me, I have some food to observe. I'll tell the others when I run into them. And will Kirala be there?" he said with a small blush.

Fina smiled, "Yup, she'll be there."

"Okay," and Ilchymis disappeared into the crowd of dancing people.

"Ooh looks like the doctor is going to look forward to his," said Merida with shifty eyes.

Fina laughed, "Wait until Kirala here's about this."

"I have to go start the next dance, I'll see you later Fina."

"Bye Merida."

The days have pasted by slowly, but it was enough time for Fina to find all the other crewmembers and invite them to Crescent Isle. And with the help of Ilchymis and Merida, it took only three of the six days to ensure the message. Unfortunately no one could find Lawrence, and Khazim was even kind enough to go looking for him, yet failed.

Enrique and Moegi immediately agreed for the visit and insisted for another one in the future at the new palace in Valua. And just for the record, Moegi is pregnant.

It was the last day of the Red Moon Festival, and it still was lively and very welcoming. The Yafutomans were kind enough to get some of their fireworks for each of the days. This was the perfect time for all the countries to be at peace.

Fina and Kirala were talking to Domingo while everyone else was dancing, eating and playing around.

"So you saw Lawrence?" said Kirala.

"Yeah so?"

"Where was he?" asked Fina.

"Well I caught him at Gordo's Bistro only a few weeks ago. I managed to get him to talk, but he was still very cold. I told him about the Red Moon Festival, but he said that he wasn't interested."

"Oh..." sighed Fina.

"That man will always be the same," said Kirala with anger in her voice, "Why is he such an ass!?"

"Hey Domingo. Ilchymis said that Lawrence said that he was in Ixa'taka, because it was 'close to his home.' Got any idea what he means by that?"

"I have no idea, but I did see him wear a thick coat at the restaurant. I dunno, he's just... too cold."

Kirala grinned evilly, "You want to fuck him don't you?"

"What!?" both Fina and Domingo replied in unison.

"What I said, you want to fuck Lawrence don't you? Don't lie, I can tell that you swing both sides of the fence."

Domingo stuttered and blushed slightly, "I don't know what you're talking about! Good day!" he replied before leaving them.

Kirala laughed while Fina scolded her, "Kirala that wasn't nice!"

"Oh well too bad. There's nothing wrong with being bisexual. We Yafutomans aren't homophobic."

The fireworks lighted the sky just as Kirala finished the sentence. The colors flashed before Fina's eyes and were decorating the Red Moon with its bright illumination.


"Yup my people are geniuses," said Kirala.

"Another good show," replied a familiar voice.

"Hey Gilder," said Fina while looking at the display.

"The performance is going to start right now," he replied.

"Show's coming! Show's coming!" squawked Willy.

"Silly bird," said Kirala.

The stage was decorated with a desert scenario with some small buildings. It was situated in such a way to make it seem that the Red Moon was part of the scene, in which it was supposed to be.

"Look someone's coming out of the trap door," said Kirala.

In the middle of the stage was a boy no older than thirteen. He was somewhat short, but at the same time was average height. His hair was light brown and he had enormous red eyes. And it wasn't wine colored or garnet, no it was red, red as the Red Moon. His skin was slightly colored but not as dark as a Nasran. His outfit was very, very familiar. And on his right hand, was a pan flute.

"It's-" screamed Aika.

"Lord Zivilyn Bane!" yelled Fina.

"Xavier no!!!" screamed Gilder, running towards the stage.

But it was too late, the boy blew the pan and Zivilyn Banes came out from within the audience and stage.

"I want that Purlite!" he commanded his inferiors. His voice was not normal either. Instead of a soft or raunchy voice of a normal male child of thirteen, it was a voice of a man, a full-grown man that has seen many atrocities in life and has become a wicked being.

Gilder jumped on stage and aimed his gun at the boy, "Xavier what are you doing!?"

"Taking care of business, nephew," he replied as he kicked Gilder's stomach and sent him flying out of the stage and fell right at Vyse's feet.

"You'll pay for that!" yelled Vyse, "Guys come on! Let's fight!"

Aika, Fina, Kirala and Vyse were in battle positions. Gilder couldn't move since the blow to the stomach was too painful.

A Zivilyn Bane stepped in front of the Air Pirates, but he was dressed differently. Instead of red and brown, he had black and blue, and his face was not concealed like the others. He just had a white bandana on his forehead.

"Stop Vyse, you can't fight him!" yelled Gilder.

"Yes we can," he said in confidence, "These guys are a piece of cake."

"Cocky aren't we? Take this!!"

Just as the battle started, the Zivilyn Bane immediately KOed Aika with his sword and before Fina could cast Riselem, the Bane cast a strange spell on Aika's body.

"What did you do!?" yelled Vyse.

"A simple spell. It's called Guardium, it prevents your opponent from casting any spells on themselves, leaving them all hurt and vulnerable."

"Vyse stop!" yelled Gilder, finally finding the strength to get up, despite the pain on his stomach.

"We can't give up!"

"Hmph another one of those 'I can do it' pirates," the Bane replied, "I'll fix that," looking at Fina, "The Silvite will die."

The Zivilyn Bane slashed Fina with his sword, but wasn't able to knock her down, since Cupil bounced off most of the attack. But Fina was weak, really weak. So weak that she wasn't able to stand on her own two feet.


"Aura of Denial!" yelled Gilder, shielding Fina from the attack.

The attack bounced off Fina, "Step out of the way Gilder!"

"No that's enough Mali!!"

"Wait you know this guy!?" yelled Vyse.

"Of course I do, you idiot! Why did you think I said not to fight him!?"

"Vyse, get Aika out of here," said Kirala, "Ilchymis might have a potion that can take that spell away."

"Right!" Vyse scooped Aika into his arms and ran.

"No you don't..." said Mali.

"Black Moon give me strength!" yelled Gilder, "Zivil!"

Mali was then surrounded by darkness and the darkness swallowed him whole, doing some sort of maltreatment to his body, and spit him right out knocking him into unconsciousness.

Xavier frowned and jumped were Gilder and the others were, "You have learned your magic well, nephew. But you still are no match for my power. I am only after the Purlite!"

"Purlites are extinct!" yelled Fina while Kirala cured her.

"Silence you stupid Silvite. They are very much alive and there is one that I want. Stay out of my way and you will live. But I'll only do my phobia a favor if I killed you right now," he yelled still having that creepy adult voice.

"I'll kill her now..." he said holding his hand right on Gilder's face, ready to kill him, "Black Moon give me strength!"


Xavier smirked and turned around, "Surrender Purlite?"

"I surrender. Just don't hurt them."

"Very well. Consider yourself lucky, nephew," and he left with the Purlite, while the Zivilyn Banes left and carried Mali away.

Fina was in tears and Kirala was having trouble standing up. Gilder sank into the ground and covered his face with his hands, then beat the ground with his fists, "LAWRENCE!!!!!!!"

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End of Chapter 2

Okay I really should stop writing long chapters. I'll make the next one shorter. Shoot I'm starting to sound like J.K Rowling and her "the fifth book will be shorter than the fourth, I promise."

The Zivilyn Banes and their leader ruined the Red Moon Festival. Is Gilder from the Lands of Darkness? What did the Purlite take from the Banes? And was that just Lawrence that gave himself up to save the others?

Find out in chapter 3: The Truth about Gilder