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Clara left her ship, humming quietly as she walked up the white stone ramp and entered Nasrad. Her crew had already gone on ahead, to shop, find Gilder and meet her back at the house that they used as a base of sorts.

--Hopefully, they all stayed in one group rather than splitting up. The last thing that I need is for Belle to spend all the gold that I have. Honestly...--

Shaking her head in amusement at the thought, Clara went to the tavern and ordered a cup of tea. Once she had paid for her drink, she sat down in a corner by a window viewing the entrance of town, watching people come and go as she sipped her drink. However, her eyes weren't really focused, her mind instead on something else.

Her memories.

I woke up in a bed in a room that was somewhat sparsely furnished. Two smallish dressers, a large box with a small one next to it serving as a table and chair, and the bed that I was in were the only furnishings, each with a light stain to match the walls and floor. Ignoring my enormous headache, I slipped out of the bed and walked over to the small circular window on the other side of the room. Gazing out, I saw that the sky directly overhead was black, signaling that this ship was in Valua, but farther away, my view was blocked by a fast-retreating fog. I turned upon hearing heavy footsteps nearing the door to the small room.

A round man clothed in green that appeared to be in his early fifties walked into the room and looked at me with a critical eye. When I say "a", I mean it literally. His right eye was covered by a black patch, and his arm was made out of a metal that looked like bronze. His graying brown hair was pulled into a tail by a black tie. He huffed, getting my attention again, and spoke in a gruff voice, "Took you long enough to wake up, boy."

I was furious, until I remembered that I was wearing boy's clothes. Blushing slightly, I told him that I was a girl, thank you very much, and what had happened to me. He simply huffed again, and said that he had no reason to thank me, as my landing on his ship had distracted him, and had allowed Rhaknam to get away. Having no clue what he was talking about, I asked him. He glared at me and said nothing, save that I was going to be dropped off at Nasrad, being the nearest city.

I remained quiet for the rest of the trip. The captain of the ship scared me, being so uncaring, and I still didn't even know what his name was.

Arriving at the city, we went out on deck. Without a word, I left the ship and walked up the white ramp to the city gate. I paused, sensing his gaze on me, and turned to see what he wanted. What he said was short and simple.

"I'm called Drachma, and my ship is the Little Jack."

Nodding, I turned and entered the city, hearing Drachma start the engines of the Little Jack and leave the harbor. My thoughts were of one thing: I was positive that Gilder had survived, and I was going to find him, no matter what it took.
/end flashback/

--That was almost 20 years ago. Even though I barely knew him, it still hurt when I found out that he had died.--

Looking outside again, the captain of the Primrose sighed. Finishing her tea, she left the tavern to look for her crew, hoping that they'd kept themselves under control.