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Disclaimers: I do not own Skies of Arcadia or any of its characters.

This fic takes place after the battle with Ramirez.

There will be like one or two couplings in this fic. The main one I'm targeting is Fina and Gilder.

Shock, shock, isn't it? Well you'll just have to read how I develop their affection for one another. ^_^; I hope you like the way I do it. I mean I know that Vyse and Fina have something for each other, but I want to do something different.

The main moons that will be discussed are the silver, purple and black moons. You'll see why the purple moon is so important. And no I'm not copying any ideas from any other authors in here or any site; this is my own work.

This chapter will have SPOILERS of the characters' endings. But of course, I'm adding to the endings. And if Fina doesn't sound like Fina, that's okay. She's been exposed to the pirate life for almost four years; I think she would learn to be a little more daring and a bit more liberal in thoughts.

Oh and I'm Spanish. I speak the language and am from a country that speaks it. So don't be all like, "o.O;;" if I start to put some Spanish in the fic. And from time to time some characters will call Enrique, "Kique." (Kee- keh) That's a nickname for all the Enriques, trust me on that.

~*~*~*~*Skies of Arcadia: Legacy of the Moons

Chapter 1: Happy Trails to Nasrad

It's been three years now and all the crew, except for Kirala and Pow, has left Vyse. Everyone left to make it big or to go back to his or her old way of life...

For the helmsmen, Lawrence was last seen in Valua and hasn't been seen since. Don, however, as chosen as the Admiral for the New Esperanzan Navy and established a safe route through the Dark Rift.

The engineers all left to Valua and work side by side. By rumor, it was said that Hans has meet Urala and they are now engaged.

Khazim became a Blue Rogue, while Belle returned to the Primrose.

Tikatika lives back in Horteka with his beautiful wife. After failing his own trade business, Domingo reverted back to treasure hunting. Rumors are that Domingo was the last person to see Lawrence.

Osman is back in Nasrad and is still a greedy bitch. Kalifa gave up fortune telling and is currently living in Nasrad.

Izmael lives in Valua and helped with its reconstruction. Kirala lives in Crescent Isle, still a crewmember of Vyse's ship.

Polly and Robinson, so far, had two more kids and are living in Sailors' Island along with Anne.

Ryu-kan still isn't dead and is back in his old island, continuing to find the ultimate blade. Ilchymis is back in Valua and has a pharmacy for all the people.

Marco returned back to Valua and helped with the rebuilding. Rumors have been going around saying that he has been learning to become a captain himself. Big part of the rumor is that Emperor Enrique was deciding to make him an admiral of the New Valuan Armada.

Merida went to Nasr to dance and became an international star. For most of her old friends, it was hell to get a hold of her on account that she travels the world now.

Moegi is married to Enrique and is now the Empress of Valua. Enrique has also worked hard to reconstruct Valua the way it should be. Rumor is that she's pregnant.

Pinta is still traveling while Drachma died only a few months ago. The story of him and Rhaknam are told all over the world.

And Gilder is gone... to find "the good life."

'What next!?' thought Fina as she was contemplating the past, 'Three years! Three years without seeing them!!'

Fina was now an Air Pirate, along with Vyse and Aika. She became good friends with Kirala throughout the three years, and a lot has happened.

Traveling has been slow ever since Enrique took the Delphinius back. And the ship that they had really didn't require for much of a crew.

'I don't know if he was drunk with loqua, but I hate the new crew he hired,' she thought.

Kirala thought so too. Most of the people were not what you would call... likeable. Sure Lawrence was cold, and yes Osman was a bitch, and there was Domingo's cockiness, but other than those minor details, the old crew was so much better.

And things went much faster with them too. Not only did they have more adventures with them, but also they were more outgoing and went out for no good reason, just to kill boredom. Now that they were gone, Vyse kind of stopped letting Fina go out. It was always Vyse and Aika traveling, while leaving Fina on Crescent Isle.

Fina was cleaning the tavern after everyone had left, 'Maybe... maybe I can do something to find them.'

"Need help there, Fina?" asked Kirala, grabbing a broom.

"Yes thank you, Kirala."

"Anytime... Hey Fina?"


"Do you like Vyse?"

"Well I did... well I still do. But I can see that he has his heart set on Aika."

"Ah yes dear Aika... well don't you worry Fina, you're a beautiful young woman, you'll find a man soon enough."

"Yes but will he be the right man?"

Kirala looked at Fina. She sure has changed a whole lot from the last three years. She was once so quiet and shy... now she's brave and loud, almost as loud as herself. Then Fina started to think more and spoke out more. And since she was exposed to so much piracy, she started to curse once in a while. But all of that never stopped her from being feminine. Much more feminine than what Aika will ever be.

Plus now Fina was getting interested in men, but she also wanted the right man to make her happy. Kirala understood that situation since, she too, is after what people would call "the right man."

"Listen Fina, if he treats you right and would do anything for you, then he is the right man. Plus if your heart truly says it, then he is. But try not to trust what your heart always says. We women are suckers for romance."

Fina laughed, "I can agree with that. Polly was always so in love with Robinson. It was like she craved it."

"Yes and Princess Moegi too with Kique. She would always find an excuse to hug him."

"Don't you mean Empress Moegi now?"

"Oh yeah I forgot about that. Well she'd forgive me," she laughed.

After they finished cleaning the tavern, Fina and Kirala retired to their sleeping quarters.

***In the Morning

"Mornin' Vyse," said Aika.

"Morning Aika," he replied as he washed his face in the fountain.

"Hey Vyse I think we ran out of some supplies."

"Really? Like what?"

"Well according to the cook, we're all out of spices and meat. Plus we also need some more loqua. But we have plenty of fruits and veggies though. I got a list of what we need right here."

"Dammit, really? Well I could always go to Nasrad... it isn't really that far."

"Good morning," replied Fina.

"Morning Fina," they both replied in unison.

"What's wrong Vyse?" Fina asked.

"We ran out of some supplies for eating," answered Aika, "Vyse said he'll have to go to Nasrad for them."

"How about I go?" she asked. 'It would give me an excuse to get away and see Kalifa and hopefully Merida, if she's in town,' she thought.

"We couldn't do that Fina," answered Vyse, "Besides it's too dangerous."

"Dangerous?! Come on Vyse you know that my magic is way better than yours! I can handle it myself!"

"But Fina we really can't let you go by yourself," replied Aika, "Plus Cupil isn't that strong. Maybe I should go."

"Why!?" answered Fina, "Why can't I go!? I've been stuck on this island for two months now! I want to go somewhere. We haven't been doing or more or less GOING anywhere!"

"Fina don't get upset," replied Vyse, "I swear Kirala is starting to rub off of you."

"What about me?" Kirala replied, "If you want I can go with Fina to Nasrad, just give us a nice boat with space for the supplies and we'll be alright."

"Are you sure about that Kirala?" asked Vyse.

Kirala gave Vyse an annoyed look, "Vyse I'm much saucier than my little sister, plus I fight more than she does, so I think you shouldn't worry about my fighting skills."

"Either way Kirala knows all her blue stone magic," replied Fina.

"Not to mention she also has learned most of all the magic too, Vyse," answered Aika.

"Please Vyse," said Fina with puppy eyes.

"Yeah come on Vyse," said Kirala, "I need a break from building the harbor anyways. We'll bring you some treats if you'd like."

Vyse sighed in defeat, "Okay you win. Just bring all these things on the list. Here's 30,000 gold. It's more than enough, but knock yourselves out to buy something. Oh and I heard there was something from Ixa'Taka that they found. Something called 'chocolate.' Can ya find me some so we can try it?"

"Sure," replied Fina, "Anything for you Aika?"

"Probably a new glove. Mine's been starting to wear off."

"Okay," answered Kirala, "Well we're off. See ya until then."


Nasrad had changed a whole lot since the past three years. Once in ruins, now better than ever. The people had really poured their hearts and effort into the place, and it paid off as the fountain was fixed, proving as the 'cutting ribbon' for the new and improved Nasrad.

But of course the Yafutomans and many other people had come to help them, which really did speed up the work. Plus Khazim had really put a lot of his profits from being an Air Pirate to the city, which helped very much to the cause.

"Wow," said Fina, "Nasrad looks great!"

"And to think, the last time I came here before Vyse got all in a fuss to be alone with Aika, the main plaza was still in shackles. I tell you Fina my people do miracles."

Fina laughed, "And we can't forget Khazim, he put a lot of effort into rebuilding the place."

Kirala laughed, "Yes he always did get in my good side. I wonder where he is now?"

"He's probably somewhere in the skies."

"Yeah you're right.... well let's split up so that we can see the whole city, now that it's all renovated. We'll cover more ground that way anyways."

Kirala split the list in half, "You take the spices, while I'll take the meat. I'll get Aika's glove, while you find the 'chocolate.'"

"And the loqua?"

"We'll both get that together. Besides it's harder to find this stuff than the loqua."

"Yup just go to the tavern and there it is."

"We'll meet each other here by around... the time the sun sets on the west. Then we'll pack the stuff on the boat and spend the night here. If you haven't found all the items by then, then that's fine. It just gives us an excuse to stay longer. Well I'll be off."

"Bye Kirala."


"Cupil, cu."

"Hn? Oh yes I know. I'm just thinking of what I should get first."


"Loqua? No we'll get that last."


"Oh you mean to visit the tavern keeper? Yes it's been a while since I've been there. I might as well take my time anyways. Plus he might know where this 'chocolate' is."

"Cu, cu. Cupil."

Fina walked towards the tavern and sat on the bar, "What would you like miss?"

"Remember me boss?"

"Oh Fina! By the Red Moon! I can't believe you're here! It's been a while since I've seen you. I've seen Vyse and Aika here many times to try to my romance specials but by the Moons I'm glad that you're here!"

Fina giggled a bit, "Well a lot has happened. I just happened to convince Vyse to let me to the shopping."

"And a fine job that you did, Fina. What better place to do your shopping needs than Nasrad. Well here, have a drink, on the house."

"Oh I don't drink loqua."

"Well how about this stuff from Yafutoma called, 'tea.' It comes hot or iced. It's been a big hit here so far. And in Ixa'taka there's a drink called 'coffee,' it keeps you awake and it's wonderful with breakfast. Everyone seems to like the coffee a whole lot. Thanks to Vyse and crew, we've been able to get all these wonderful foods into our world. Trade has never been better."

"Well if you put it that way... I'll have some iced tea."

"Iced tea, coming up."


"Oh you remember tea, Cupil. Urala served it all the time. Kirala makes it too."


"Here's the tea for the lovely lady," said the tavern keeper placing the tea in front of Fina.

"Thank you very much," she replied as she drank some tea, "It's very good."

"I'm glad you like it. If you need anything just holler."


Just as Fina was about to drink her tea her eyes were blocked by heavy, yet gentle hands.

"Guess who?" said the person trying their best to hide their voice.

'It has to be a man,' thought Fina, 'It was too deep to be female anyway.'

"Um...a drunk?"

"You're cold, I'm sober."


"Freezing, I'm not that weirdo."

"You're not Domingo, are you?"

"Glacia, and I hope not to be."

"Really cold, really cold," said a very, very familiar bird.


"Aw Willy you gave me away," he said as he removed his hands from Fina's eyes.

Fina spun around on her seat to see the whimsical pirate, "It is you," she giggled, "It's been a while. I didn't see the Claudia when I docked my boat."

"Well you see, I came a few a minutes after you came into port. Besides I wanted to have a drink, and then I saw you. And I was thinking, 'Hmm what's Fina doing here?' So I wanted to surprise you."

Fina laughed, "You kinda did surprise me. Well I'm only here with Kirala. We're shopping."

"Ah a need for supplies? If you'd like I can help you."

Fina hesitated for a few seconds, "Sure. I'd like that very much. Some of these things I'm not too familiar with."

"Don't worry," he replied while looking at the list, "I know what all these things are, so there's no worries."

Fina hopped off the seat and headed for the door. Gilder quickly held it open for her and left after her.

"I really don't want to be a burden."

"You're no burden. Besides if my mother ever caught me not opening a door to a lady, she'd kill me."

There was a long silence between them for a very long time. Fact of the matter was, Gilder and Fina really never did speak much to each other. It was either Vyse or Aika talking to him, never Fina.

The silence was killing Gilder. Fina felt guilty for never getting to know the fun loving pirate. They both knew their relationship as friends wasn't so hot. Yes they battled side by side many times but... it didn't mean a thing...

Did it?

Finally Gilder broke the silence, "I'm going to stay in town for a few days. Well up until the Red Moon Festival."

"Red Moon Festival?"

"Yeah it happens every six years everywhere in Nasr. Nasrad has the best celebration parties though."

"What's so special about the six years?"

"Well according to what I know, in the Old World, before the Gigas were created, there was a plague that ravaged the land that the Red Moon protected. Until one day a small boy from the Lands of Darkness came to Nasr. Everywhere he looked there were dead bodies and crying parents and orphans. The life expectancy was up to the age of thirty or less. Appalled by the casualties, the boy summoned the powers of the Red Moon to help him. It took the boy six days until the Red Moon answered his prayers."

"Six days? Wasn't it six years?"

"I'm getting to that. Well on the sixth day, supposedly the Red Moon's orbit was changed by the boy's powers. Then it was situated into an alignment of healing, and at that time, only the Purple and the legendary Black Moon could enter that alignment."

"So it takes six years for the Red Moon to orbit back into the alignment of healing?"

"Yup and the legend says that the Red Moon destroyed the plague, healed the sick, removed the dead bodies, and gave the people of the Nasr kingdom the knowledge of fire and technology."

"What about the boy?"

"The boy was considered a hero. Actually it was rumored that the Red Moon gave the boy eternal life. Supposedly the Red Moon needed an extra 'boost' to enter healing mode. And since it was so grateful that the horrors were now of the past, it made him immortal. But that's just the legend. But I know for that someone with powers did in fact change the orbit of the Red Moon, making it have like a healing eclipse."

"Wow..." said Fina in awe, "I never knew that. How long does it last?"

"It lasts for six days. So it's six days of party, dancing, food, drinks and whatever. That's why the people of Nasrad wanted to fix the city immediately. That's why they got the Yafutomans to help them with the renovation."

"Would Merida come?"

"Without a doubt. Dancers, entertainers, cooks, celebrities and other people form around the world go all the time. So that means Enrique, Moegi, Merida, Domingo, Khazim and all the other old crewmembers will be here. And this one is special."



"It's the 500th anniversary of the healing eclipse. I heard that they're gonna make a reenactment of the legend."

"That sounds like fun. When is the Red Moon Festival?"

"In five days, according to astronomers, but most people are coming now just in case. So will you stay?"

"Yes. Yes I will but after I turn in the items to Crescent Isle."

"Suit yourself. Let's go to the shopping."

Fina and Gilder walked around the bazaar and found a few of the items. But something caught Gilder's eye as they went up the stairs.

'Xavier Bane...'

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End of Chapter 1

So whatcha think? Okay, okay. I admit that a Gilder+Fina fic is probably the most ridiculous thing that you ever seen or even heard about. But please give this fic a chance. Most of this will have to do with the Black, Purple and Silver Moons anyways.

Will the old crew be at the Red Moon Festival? Will Fina find a way to bring them all together? And what's up with this legend? Lands of Darkness, what is that? Was the boy really given eternal life? And who is this Xavier Bane Gilder noticed?

Find out on the next chapter: Festival Catastrophe

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