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Lunar Cycle -- prologue
Skies of Arcadia: Lunar Cycle
by Annie Felis
Exerpts from Ancient History

It is shown in our records that this world initially only had two races, and two civilizations. One was us, under our moon of darkness; the other was our brethren, who lived under the shining moon of life. The gods placed us here on this world, we grew and expanded; we gained knowledge, we used it; we travelled about our world and saw the wonders around us, never once harming the delicate balance placed here and maintained by the moons.

However a scant few thousands of years ago, the others arrived. In strange ships that flew where there was no air, that had no rudders nor sails nor did not use moonstones, they arrived to our world with peaceful intent. They had claimed that their world, a world where it was mostly water as ours is mostly sky, had been laid to waste. The sun had grown too hot, too large...thus causing them to flee their homeworld lest they die in its searing heat. And we welcomed them kindly, introduced them to our world and its wonders. They shared with us their technology, and we shared with them our magic. They soon learned how to travel the world like we, to revel in its beauty and to learn and adapt.

For each remaining moon, the others made their homes. The ones under the Green centered their life on studying the heavens and the lush jungles around them. The ones under the Red thrived in the desert heat and used its sand to create wonderous glass buildings. The ones under the Blue braved the winds and formed a culture centered on art. The ones under the Purple built their cities in the ice, braving the cold and persuing all forms of knowledge. The ones under the Yellow accepted the fierce thunderstorms and captured the power of electricity in yellow moonstones for all to use. As each civilization flourished, each became more advanced...almost to a competative level.

We continued to live in our darkness, not exactly shunned but not exactly accepted. Our Silver brethren continued to accept our ways, not afraid of us or our abilities. And we, the Dark ones, continued to coexist peacefully with the Silver. Secretly the two of us agreed to guardedly watch the other civilzations, to take care that they not grow too strong. The Silver began to dispatch a force of guardian ships to watch the others, and to keep the Silver lands and its people safe. We, however, had a different plan. In our efforts, we created a great being. Mortian, a large beast with the powers of our moon became our own guardian. Proud of our new accomplishment, we set him to rest, to await our summons if we were ever in peril.

However, somehow the others found out of our creature...our Gigas. One by one, they all began to create their own. It was an act not out of flattery or respect, but out of competition; the others all wanted to surpass each other: each wanted to be the greatest civilization on Arcadia. Out of spite and jealousy, they turned their Gigas on one another, reaking havok and starting horrible wars. What made these wars horrible was not the jealousy behind them or the dread Gigas that fought, but the technology that had grown beyond the people who weilded it. We saw this and realized that we did not want to get involved. Withdrawing into our home, we drove off any attempts by the others to attack our lands beneath our moon with our power over storms and gravity, refusing to use Mortian.

However while we withdrew, the Silver were infuriated by the pointless wars. Using their powers of death, they created their own Gigas named Zelos. Zelos was ordered to use his great power, and he caused moonstones to hail down on each civilization, destroying all the haughty others had created, including some of their own cities. They then sealed Soltis, their largest city, from the rest of the world. Shocked by this, we could do little but remain to ourselves. The others were chargrined by this, by the fact that we were the only ones who survived the Rains of Destruction unscathed. The Purple, who were not hit as hard, used one of their ships they had preserved from their travels to this world and sent it into space in hopes of destroying our moon. However, the ship was old and its impact did not destroy our moon, only altered its orbit. Slowly, our moon crept away from us and hid behind the Purple moon. Great maelstroms were caused in the sea to our west, and vast amounts of ice were blown over Glacia, sealing it in ice and burying the people alive.

We were terrified, our moon was removed from our sight. Our scientists estimated that with its bizzare orbit, it would orbit close to Arcadia every few centuries; otherwise, it would remain hidden behind the Purple moon.

Now devistated, we will seal ourselves in a sleep. We have brought this fate upon ourselves, in our cowardace. Our Silver brothers have ascended into the sky, left us here with those that hate us. All we can do is continue to hide like bats, hide from the sun, within this dark storm we have created, and hope that some day we may return.