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Warnings: This chapter contains cursing, that's why the fic is PG-13.

Sorry I took too long to update. I went to Mexico for two weeks and I don't have a computer there or anything so yeah... I had no access to a computer word pad or anything.

I'm really glad yal liked it! ^_______^ My face is beaming with joy!

But haven't yal noticed that the Zivilyn Banes always seemed to hurt Fina the most? I mean every time I battled them, they always threw stuff at her, always trying to kill her. Then I always noticed how close Gilder was to Fina in battles. Yeah he sometimes went ahead to the enemies, but I noticed he was always close to her, as if he was trying to protect her or something...

That's just me. ^___^;;;

Well this is the chapter yal have been waiting for: Lawrence and his past!!!

Uhhh just to warn yal... Lawrence is gay.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 4: Fleeing from Home

Lawrence looked outside the window from his prison cell and sighed.

'Now what am I going to do? This is all fucked up...all because I was able to steal the Silver Moon Crystal from Soltis. I really didn't want that stone to being with, but I couldn't let it fall into the deep sky either. That stone can revive the dead... I couldn't risk it falling into the Bottomless Pit near Valua.'

He sighed again and laid on the bed that was in the cell.

'Xavier would have done the same anyway... that's why he sent some Banes into Soltis... not only to clear his name with a double, but also to retrieve that Moon Crystal... he knows why too...'

A young girl no older than seventeen opened the cell door, "Hey food's up."

She was really pretty actually. Her skin was pale, but with enough color. Her eyes were honey brown. Her hair was a dark brown that reached to her lower backside. And her voice was gentle yet outgoing.

"Bread and water?" Lawrence replied.

"Nah, it's kabal skewer and wine. We Onyxes don't feed our prisoners crap. Well... only the real bad ones, but Xavier didn't want a member of Kuro's allied nation to starve. And well we all like Purlites... well what's left of them."

"Nice way to put it..." he said coldly.

"You know I didn't mean it that way!" she said apologetically, "Xavier was right about the being too sincere thing..."


"Hey come on! I'm getting better! I used to be much worse, but Xavier's a really good teacher, so I'm not so blunt on things anymore."

"What do you have with Xavier?" he asked with interest.

"Oh I'm a Zivilyn Bane in training. Xavier said that I had potential and wanted to train me. He said I could be the next Mali, but then again Mali is way much more powerful than me."

"I see... what's your name?"



"Yeah my mom named me that because I was born on the month of January. And in the Old World, they used to have something called 'birthstones.' January supposedly had the stone garnet, so she named me that."

"I see..." turning back to his food and started eating.

"Well I'll see ya, Mali might be wondering where I am. Bye!"


'Well that girl was spunky... hopefully Xavier is being honest with the girl and is not telling her things just to be a pedophile.'

Lawrence chuckled at the thought, 'Heh Xavier a pedophile... and everyone else thinks that he's the one being molested. That dirty little bastard...'

After he finished his meal, he placed the plate on a table across the bed and lied down again.

'I hate being a Purlite... there's nothing wrong with being a mage but it's like a curse. I can't believe that we have total recall. Even from the day I was born, I can still remember the hospital, the doctor, everything... and every time I try to block out my memories, my dreams will haunt me with them. So if I want to sleep in peace and dream 'normally,' I have to remember them back. That sucks and blows. I hate constantly being awakened from a horrible memory that I blocked, but the memory is too unbearable...'

'All I want is just to have the last 'living' piece of my home back. During the Soltis incident, I stole a lifeboat and took the Silver Moon Crystal after Ramirez died. But the place was falling down and I had to get the Purple Moon Crystal. But I couldn't... I was only able to get that blasted silver one. Was it too much to ask for the Purple Moon Crystal?'

'Later I discovered that Xavier and the Banes returned to the sunken continent to retrieve all the Moon Crystals. Unfortunately he didn't see the silver and panicked. He later found out that I was in the crew with Vyse just a few months ago before the Red Moon Festival. But I wasn't in the crew anymore; I was still a mercenary in Valua. I later decided to move to Ixa'taka so that I could be closer to my home. There was no way I could enter Glacia with the thick ice and all.'

'Glacia... I miss it so...twenty-one years go...'


"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Lawrence. Happy birthday to you."

"Blow out the candles sweetie!"

"Make a wish, son!"

A three-year-old Lawrence blew out three lighted candles on a medium sized chocolate cake. The chocolate was imported straight from Ixa'taka and his grandmother baked it just for the occasion.

His family was smiling at the young boy who was beaming with joy. All his presents were across the table in colorful wrapping. Streamers were hung all over the room with care and some confetti was laying on the floor after it had been thrown. Little banners with the words "Happy Birthday Lawrence" were hung everywhere. This was the perfect birthday for him.

"What did you wish for sweetie?" asked his mother.

"I'm not supposed to tell," he replied sweetly with a finger on his mouth showing that it was a secret.

"Want some cake now? Or the presents?" asked his grandmother.

"" he scratched his head and made a thinking pose with his chin, "Presents and cake together!!"

They all laughed and gave Lawrence a slice of cake. There were no cousins at the party on account that he was the first child to be born in his family. His father's father, or grandpa, had recently died, but was happy to see his first grandchild, but he died without a will... and without the will...

"Ooh! Uncle Samuel got me a teddy bear, Mommy!" Lawrence squealed with happiness as he eagerly held the bear in his hands.

"It's so cute!" his mother answered, "Open your Grandma Mika's present."


Before Lawrence could reach for the present, he heard a strange rumbling and a moan from the bottom.


His mother stopped smiling and was immediately running to a mechanical object that was called a telephone, "Plergoth! We have no escape! You must come and help us!! Yes my father-in-law died without a will. He's out of control!! You must get us out!"

Then a loud siren was roaring throughout the whole city. All Purlites grabbed their most important valuables and ran to the exit, but they knew that there was no way out. The top of Glacia was frozen solid with ice. The Onyx and them have been trying to use the Ice Lens to melt it away, but since the Dark Rift was covering most of the sun, it proved futile.

And the bottom or their ceiling was covered. They couldn't have tried to blast a hole or else many people would fall into the deep sky.

Lawrence's mother grabbed her son and ran as fast as she could. His father ran towards a place with all these computers, where he and other people were pressing buttons and such. Lawrence had no idea what they were doing, but up until when he returned to Glacia with Vyse and crew, he finally knew.

"Mommy, what about Daddy!?" he screamed still holding the teddy bear.

"Lawrence..." his mother put him down, "Sometimes to make the lives for your children better, you have to sacrifice many things... Lawrence... I want you to go with Grandma Mika."

"What about you!?" he cried.

"I have to do something important... don't forget me sweetie."


Before they could hug each other goodbye, a rumble shook the ground and his mother fell onto a ledge and was hanging for her life.

"Mommy!" he screamed as he ran to help her.

"Lawrence get back!"



The bottom of the city had been breached; a large hole has been made. But by whom?

Lawrence was about to give his hand to his mother, but a loud unearthly noise entered his ears, making him cover them with his hands.

He finally opened his eyes and looked what happened, Plergoth did it. Plergoth, the Purple Gigas was attacking Glacia. His grandfather was the master of it, but he died without a will, and with no way to give Plergoth a new master.

Plergoth made the hole in the bottom, which caused many people to fall and perish under the deep sky.

Lawrence was about to give his hand to his mom, but Plergoth used his tail to whack the ice walls, which caused the large icicles on the ceiling to fall. Many people were stabbed by the strong spears of ice that lounged on their bodies; all died.

Lawrence felt a sharp pain on his left cheek; one of the icicles scarred his face and it bleed profusely.

Just as the whole situation was about to get worse, a ray of hope came. From under the bottom of Glacia, a whole army of Onyx soldiers and Zivilyn Banes came to their rescue.

One of them, who was dressed in a sandy cloak and reddish-brown clothes, came to Lawrence and ripped a some of his cloak to help stop the bleeding. He was no older than thirteen and had long brown hair in a ponytail. His eyes were huge and was pure red. They looked sad, angry, and wise, but it didn't scare Lawrence at all.

"My Mommy!" he yelled.

The Zivilyn Bane looked at the ledge; there was no one. He took a few steps more and looked down. There was a still body of a dead woman lying on one of the platforms. He closed his eyes for a silent prayer and said, "There isn't anything we can do. Come. We must take you to safety."

"But what about Mommy?!"

"She..." he looked pained, "She couldn't make would make her sad if you died."

"I don't want Mommy to cry! But will I see her again?" he asked so innocently, not really knowing what the Bane meant.

"Yes... but not now," he replied but with tears forming from his eyes, "I'll carry you." Lawrence grabbed his teddy bear and was carried by the mysterious youth.

"What about Daddy?" he asked with no knowledge of the word death.


But he knew.

Just before he caught site of the little child, the ceiling of the gazebo- like structure where the security systems were held had collapsed, and all the people were crushed under the heavy ice.

The arcwhale hadn't destroyed much, but he took too many lives. By the time Lawrence and his rescuer got into the Onike ship, less than half of the population was in safety, while the rest had died.

They would return again to cleanse the smell of death, said the Onyx people on the boats. But that would be another time until they sent the remaining Purlites to safety.

The Zivilyn Bane that helped Lawrence disappeared right after he made sure that Lawrence was safe. But he was able to tell him his name:

"My name is Xavier Bane. I am the ruler of the Onike civilization in the continent of Kuro, in the city of Obsidian. My people and I are called Onyx. If you ever need help... I promise that I will help you."

When the Onike ships left from the hole after all the living Purlites were safe and sound, Lawrence saw other ships luring Plergoth into the normal sky.

It seemed like forever but they succeeded. Unfortunately Plergoth wasn't able to be contained and escaped. Many people had said that an arcwhale was seen in North Ocean and destroyed a fisherman's boat. From that day on the sole survivor had sworn to destroy him, but instead of the name Plergoth, he inherited the name:


And has been hunted down ever since.

The Onyx paramedics were able to cure the wound on Lawrence's cheek, but a scar remained and he was told that it would last forever. But Lawrence didn't care, he hated Plergoth. He destroyed his home, family and happy life. He wanted revenge but did not know how. It was like the Moons have spit on him, giving him the worst of luck that anyone could have.

The Onyx had let the Purlites settle themselves on Obsidian, but many of them refused and went to Valua, Nasr or in the islands where the Silver Moon roams.

Not many of them survived.

Lawrence was left as an orphan, but he was strong. Xavier wanted to know if he wanted to live in Kuro, but he refused as well. Lawrence decided that he wanted to fight to become strong. He knew that he was a mage, and as a mage you had the disadvantage of strength as to fighting. And if he wanted revenge on Plergoth, he would have to overcome the weakness to fire.

So for twenty-one years he has been training to become a strong soldier. He had a great advantage when he became a mercenary in Valua. Most of the candidates has brawn, but he had magic and brain. Yet all that didn't satisfy him. Money had corrupted him and he wanted more and more.

When he met Vyse, he asked for a very large sum of money for his services and soon enough he was paid in full and joined the crew. Although Vyse had done many things that were considered "wild and crazy" to Valua, he stood silent and never questioned him.

*****End of Flashback

Now he was one of the very last full blooded Purlites in an Onike jail for taking a very important item from Soltis and all because he wanted the Purple Moon Crystal as a piece of home. Hopefully he can tell that to Xavier and convince him to make a trade of Moon Crystals.

'I just hope he doesn't get pissed and I especially hope that he doesn't decide to pull off that fucking death penalty on me either.'

Lawrence sighed and chuckled a bit, 'Stupid Vyse and not paying attention to me...'


When Vyse first came to Glacia, Lawrence was going crazy with anxiety, but he did his best not to show it.


"Yeah Larry?"

"It's Lawrence and I want you to take the helm."

"But Vyse said-"

"I don't care about Vyse. I have to check on something."

"Fine," Don replied and took the helm.

Lawrence was able to get out of the Delphinus and into the entrance to Glacia, but someone was stalking him from behind.

When he entered the room where Vyse was asked questions about the Purple Moon, Lawrence caught his stalker.

"Domingo!? What the hell are you doing here!?"

"Whoa watch it! I came cuz it's a great place to find discoveries and I figured since you were coming out, I'd come too. Plus you see to know the place and I don't wanna get lost. And Captain Vyse will have a fit and since he respects you I think he would lay off of me and-"

"Okay, okay! Just shut up!!"

"Aye, aye!"

Lawrence gave Domingo an annoyed look, "Sorry," he whispered.

Lawrence touched the blue cube in the middle of the room. It suddenly turned purple and said, "Welcome home," and another door opened.

"Come on," he replied coldly.

"Aye- uh... sure."

As they entered the door, Domingo noticed that Lawrence wasn't the least bit cold. Well it didn't look like it to him, "Um Lawrence?"

"What now?"

"Aren't you cold?" he said with a shiver.


"Seriously?" using his arms to warm his torso.

"Well it's summer, it's supposed to feel hot in Glacia at this time."

"What!? Lawrence this place is freezing cold! How the hell do you know it's summer!?"

"Well it's summer in Ixa'taka no? Well so it's summer here. I can't believe you're cold."

"Ugh well I am so let me be!" Domingo said exasperatedly.

"Whatever," he answered, "Don't walk," when they opened another door.


"You'll see why," he replied and slowly blew some air from his mouth. As he did that the fog lifted and Domingo could see clearly.

"The fog's lifting," said a voice from a distance. It was Fina and it seemed that Vyse and the others were on the opposite side from them.

"Come on Domingo," Lawrence replied after.

"Uhhh okay."

Lawrence and Domingo looked all around the frozen city, boarding platforms, activating invisible roads that only Lawrence knew how to disable. This was all confusing for Domingo but he didn't mind at all. As long as he found a discovery and that he was close to someone who knew their way.

But he didn't find a discovery, well a monumental worldly discovery. Once in a while he would linger closer to Lawrence to get warm. At first Lawrence would give him a look that said, 'Off you moron,' but later he started to either ignore or enjoy it. Then Domingo would wrap his arms around on of his. Of course Lawrence would definitely give him the look from hell, but Domingo discovered that he really didn't mind much anymore.

They were about to get a bit more comfortable when Lawrence heard some bursts of noise.

"Eh just another Zivilyn Bane... they can handle it," he thought aloud.

Domingo then said, "Hey looks like they're getting closer to the end."

Lawrence looked through Domingo's telescope at the Captain and crew, "Oh shit!"

"What's wrong?"

"Domingo go back to the Delphinus. There'll be a trail of sparkles on the road, just follow it."


"But nothing, just go back!"

"Okay..." and Domingo left.

"VYSE!!!" Lawrence yelled but Vyse couldn't hear him, "VYSE WATCH OUT!!!" Still no sign that he heard them.

Lawrence jumped from the spot that he was in and ran as fast as he could to where the captain was.


This time Vyse turned around, only to be a bit more perturbed at Lawrence's warning than heedful. So he still headed into the direction where he was 'forbidden' to go.

'Shit that stupid kid is going to get himself killed! Grandpa had his security system before he died. No one seemed to have disabled it yet and judging and remembering the technology, it still works! I have to find a way to disable it! Argh where's Hans when you need him!?'

Lawrence ran to platform that lead him to an undestroyed gazebo with computers. He really didn't learn much about computers when he was a child, but he sure as hell will try.

A siren was heard; the security robot was let out.

He typed as quick as he could until he found the security files from his grandfather. The was able to get far as to commands, but in order for them to be issued, he had to put a password.

"Umm... Plergoth?"

"Access denied."


"Access denied."

"Fucking machine!! Uh...Purlite?"

"Access denied."

The robot was a little more powerful than what Vyse had determined, it seemed that it had no end or weakness.

"Think Lawrence think! What word could be Grandpa's password??? ...Lawrence."

"Access granted."

He rolled his eyes and his command was set. Although he couldn't find a way to deactivate the machine, he was sure able to make him weaker and more inefficient. With that done Vyse, Aika, Fina and Enrique were able to defeat the 'ancient' machine from frosty hell.

*****End of Flashback

'Stupid, stupid Vyse...'

He sighed for the umpteenth time and decided to fall asleep. It was no use trying to remember the past, especially when it was painful. But... what if it wasn't?


"Lawrence?" asked Domingo. It had been at least a week after they found the Purple Moon Crystal and Lawrence has been colder than ever.

"What?" he said in his usual spot.

"I um... I want to know if you're alright."

"I'm dandy."

"No you're not. You're colder than before and it's not healthy being antisocial."

"Listen Vyse paid me to be his helmsman not to talk to him. That's an extra 10,000 gold for his attention."

"Is money all you think about? Well that's all I used to think about, but come on Lawrence that's not all to life. I mean I love exploring, having fun and women, but I learned that sometimes you just have to let things go to make yourself a better person."

"Oh?" he said with an arched eyebrow, "What have you sacrificed?"

"I..." he blushed on this comment, "Women."

"Oh women, eh? How is it that the great explorer Domingo has given up pleasure?"

"I didn't say pleasure, I just said women," and he was not looking at Lawrence at all. All he was staring at was Pow eating his meal.

"So does that mean you found another sort of love?"

"No I never said that."

"But it seems to me that you have. You can't fool me Domingo. You're just a kid. I've seen far worse than you and I'm only twenty-one."

"Well I'm eighteen and I sure as hell know what I'm doing!"

"Then what are you doing?"

"I've joined Vyse's crew as a lookout, I'm here to find discoveries and keep watch of Crescent Isle and the Delphinus. I'm here cuz I know what I have to do. And..."

"And?" starting to get interested.


"You?" getting closer to Domingo.

"Why should I tell you anyway!?"

"Because I think it concerns me..." Lawrence replied cupping Domingo's face gently with his hands and putting his lips closer to his.

Domingo's heart was beating faster and was breathing in an alarming rate but he didn't stop Lawrence. In a way he kind of wanted it to happen.

Lawrence placed his lips softly on Domingo's but...

"Here Pow! Come to Vyse!!!" slammed in Vyse.

"Pow, pow!!!"

They quickly broke apart, "Well I have to talk to Tikatika about switching shifts tonight, see ya!" and Domingo left in a rush.

"What was that all about?" asked Vyse.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm not paid to talk to you."

*****End of Flashback

'Moons I so want that idiot hurt. Grr why is he so loud and annoying? Ruining such a good moment too... not much of a memory...'

Lawrence yawned. Tomorrow he was going to see Xavier and fix this mess, then life will be like as before. And maybe he'll be able to see Domingo again...

But not now...

Later, later.

He was much too tired to be remembering things from the past.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*End of chapter 4

And that ladies and gentlemen was Lawrence's past.

*Dodges pianos from the homophobes* Ahh! Wait! Stop!! Didn't Domingo have a gay tendency anyway? And it's always the hot guys that end up being gay!!! Either way I thought they would make a cute couple.

Besides I only have on gay couple in this whole fic and it's them. Fina goes with Gilder while other people go with other people. Kirala WILL go with Ilchymis. And I guess I'll make up another couple and such, okay?

Lawrence is indeed a Purlite. What's so important about the Silver Moon Crystal that he stole? Why can't Xavier be a little bit laid back like Gilder and give him the Purple Moon Crystal in exchange? And will Vyse and his crew be able to find their way to the "lost" continent?

Find out on chapter 5: Obsidian Lights