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(Insert MASSIVE censor patch here) I would have posted this yesterday, but I was getting CONSTANT 'operation timed out's and 'connection refused's from Sorry!
GAH!!!!! I've forgotten to say this for the past two author's notes, so I'll say it now; CLARA WAS NOT GOING TO MARRY ALFONSO! His personality runs in the family. It was his father (15 at the time) that was trying to marry Clara, okay?

"Captain, we've arrived in Nasrad... Captain? Wake up, Captain!" Seeing that his calls had no effect, Elijah tried another tactic. "Captain, there's a PINK SHIP approaching!"

That woke Gilder up. Tumbling out of the captain's chair, he sat up half-asleep, glasses crooked on his face. Upon seeing his blond crewmember laughing his head off, he stood up and dusted himself off. He shot a glare at Elijah, but it wasn't serious, evidenced by a slight smirk that appeared on his face.

Still laughing, Elijah walked out of the bridge to help Orlando and Terrance buy supplies for the ship. Gilder sighed and shook his head at how easily amused his crew was, then winced slightly and rubbed his back.

--Still hurts, after all these years. I hate that... Then again, I always get this from falling asleep in that chair.--

Grumbling to himself about the pain of his back, the blue rogue walked out of the bridge and went to the deck. Leaning back against the wall of the cabin, he allowed his memories to surface.

I woke up to a throbbing pain in my back. Confused for a moment, I tried to sit up, but pain washed over me, and I fell back down. Slowly, the memories returned.

The three servants took me to the practice room and removed my shirt, then chained me to the wall, facing it. They left, and Clara's mother came in about three hours later, mocking me by saying that if this was my favorite room, then I wouldn't mind dying in it.

She took a leather whip out of a cabinet made to look like the wall and started whipping me. I could tell that she enjoyed the way that my screams rang through the house. When I slipped into unconsciousness, she 'tsked', and held a bottle containing a pungent odor under my nose, which woke me up. When I was fully conscious, she dropped the leather whip on the floor nearby and went over to the cabinet again, opening it. I twisted my body to see what she was doing out of the corned of my eye, and my mind became numb when I saw what she now held.

A spiked chain whip.

She kept waking me up whenever I blacked out, and didn't stop lashing me until my vocal cords were too raw to scream anymore. She laughed, a cold, sinister sound that would have sent shivers up my spine if I'd had the energy. I couldn't feel my back anymore, my brain completely numbed by the torture. She replaced the chain whip in the cabinet and left, the final thing I saw before I was finally permitted to remain unconscious.

A slight motion to my left brought me back to the present, and I turned to see Clara waking from slumber. It seemed as though she'd been there for a while, but hadn't meant to fall asleep. She blinked, and realizing that I was awake, gave me a huge smile that I couldn't help but return, albeit weakly.

She asked me what had happened, and I told her. Then she told me what Doc had done once she had fought down her rage at her mother.

We sat there in silence for a while, then she said that she should return to her room. I nodded in agreement, and watched her retreating back. Once the door had closed, I rolled over to face away from the door and tried to get back to sleep.
/end flashback/

Gilder opened his eyes and saw that his crew had already brought about half of the supplies onto the deck already. He walked onto the pier and went to help them.

Heh heh... forgot to say this at the beginning of the chapter... Chapters 10 and 11 are going to be of the same event, but one from each POV. Whose do you want to see first? Gilder or Clara's?
Also, now that school has started, don't count on as many weekday updates, though I will give you at least one update a week!