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And pain, a forgotten dream
lies in wait till awoken.
Lurking in every corner,
it strikes, till you're broken

(Amber's POV)
I watched Gilder leave my place, and Fina showing up and following soon after. Turning back to the cups that I was washing, I sighed. Being the person who knows and still remembers everything about someone is tough... especially if that person is Gilder.

Why did I have to introduce him to Cervantes in the first place? Then, I thought it was best for him, but now, seeing what he could have been, and what he's become... I shudder. I'd known Cervantes for years, and that he was an assassin, but I'd imagined that things would have turned out differently. I still remember what happened like it was yesterday.

Gilder had showed up on my doorstep, weak, and unconscious. I took him in, nursing him back to health, and allowed him to work in the kitchen in exchange for a place to stay. While very kind and chivalrous, he only remembered two things. His name, and that he was thirteen years old.

As time passed, he began to regain his memory, telling me of a girl he used to be friends with, but unable to remember her name, origin or current whereabouts. As time passed, my place began to grow busier, and he became lonelier, for I and the other girls had less time to talk with him with the new flow of customers.

He drew inwards, and turned to books, his personality shifting completely. Instead of the outgoing boy that I knew, he was quiet, secretive and distrustful. He avoided us whenever possible, turning to other things like drawing as excuses to remain busy and away from the rest of us.

I saw him talking to himself more and more often, so when an old friend of mine came in, I asked him to try to help Gilder. Cervantes was a retired assassin due to a broken hand, and had stopped his trade several years ago. In recent chats, I'd learned that he'd been feeling rather lonely of late, and I thought that this would help both of them.

I introduced the two, and they took an immediate liking to one another. Choosing a table, they sat down and just began to talk for hours. I listened in on their conversation, which was mainly the older of the two talking about past missions as the other listened. Gilder was the happiest that I had seen him in the past several months. I was hard for me to believe that only a year had passed since he had arrived at my back doorstep.

At around midnight, Cervantes came up to me, asking to talk in a more private place. We went out the back door, and I leaned against it as he stood near another building. He was short ant to the point. He requested that Gilder be permitted to stay with him, saying that it would be better for both of them. And I agreed.

Looking back on that, I wish I hadn't. While Gilder opened up again, and acted the way that I'd been used to, he's reverted back to the alien personality. If only I'd said no... Then Cervantes would have come to visit often rather than having Gilder live with him, and the whole mess about the singer wouldn't have started.

Ah, Gilder. Why do you have to be so stubborn right now? Why not let others help you when you need it most?

I'm not dead yet! I'd just been lacking inspiration for the chapter (we also got soul calibur 2), and I've had a bit more homework than usual. And I know that last chapter was strange, it will make sense as the events in the present unfold and ones in the past are revealed. Sorry for the extreme confusion!