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Clara was standing on the deck of the Primrose, the gentle breeze swaying her hair and dress as she leaned against the mast, deep in thought.

--Why? Why does he run from me, seeming to hate me?--
'"' You know the answer, you just don't want to admit it. '"'

She shook her head, annoyed at her conscience, and walked to the rail, looking down into lower sky. Her gaze was drawn to a small island low in the sky near the southwest corner of Valua. It was normally shrouded by fog, but the breeze had dissipated it.

--The valuan wreckage... Vyse was the one who found it, though Gilder and I knew about it the whole time, almost too well...--

I boarded my father's ship, and I was quite excited. I was finally going to be able to leave Valua, a place that I hated to call my hometown. Gilder and I were required to change into rich boy's clothes, and we went into separate storage rooms to do so. I was only eleven, so I could still pass as a boy fairly easily if I pulled my hair back into a tail, which I did.

Gilder... It's the first time that I saw him in something other than worn, faded clothes that were a bit too large for him. He was wearing Crimson and maroon with Gold accents, and with his face, it would be impossible to believe that he wasn't actually an upper Valuan. I think that I fell in love with him at that exact moment.

We stayed on deck to watch Valua disappear into the distance, fighting the urge to jump up and down in joy. After that continent was out of sight, Gilder claimed that he was tired, and went below decks to try and get some sleep. I went to the bridge with my father, curious as to how a ship was flown. I'd never been on one before in my life.

After a few hours in which the crew had been kind enough to explain which gadget did what, I went to the lookout tower to see the view. I was incredible, the ability to see for miles around.

But the ability won't always help you see what's coming, especially at night.

A huge explosion occurred on deck, and the violent rocking of the ship threw me off the lookout tower. I tried to grab the railing of the deck as I fell, but I was just too far away. I thought that I was a goner, and accepted my fate, when I felt a sharp pain shooting through my right arm.

I cried out in pain, curling up into a ball. Sounds of footsteps and voices reached my ears, but my mind was too fogged to make any sense of it. I felt gentle arms picking me up, the last thing that I knew before I lost consciousness.
/end flashback/

Clara looked up when she heard Belle yelling that they were nearing Nasrad, and that the Claudia was docked in the harbor. A small smile appeared on her face, and she went to the bridge of he ship to help dock the Primrose.

I'd like to apologize for the delay in these chapters. I actually finished chapter 10 yesterday, but I wanted to post these chapters at the same time, being to POVs of the same event.