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This is the most extensive Skies of Arcadia screenshot gallery (that I've seen) on the web. Choose a category to see the screens. All screencaptures were personally captured by me (from both the DC and GC versions). Want to use one? Just ask and I'll be more than happy to send you one with my little logo thing removed-as long as you give me credit!
SoA General
  • Gilder in Battle
  • Gilder's S-moves
  • Others in Battle
  • Magic
  • Vize and Daikokuya
  • Game Credits
  • Maria/Piastol
    SoA Storyline
  • Shipwrecked
  • The Claudia
  • Nasrad
  • Daccat's Island
  • Ramirez Battle (Nasrad)
  • Valua
  • The Delphinus
  • Crescent Isle (First Time)
  • Crescent Isle (Second Time)
  • Great Silver Shrine
  • The rest coming soon!
    SoA Demo Version
  • SoA Demo Version