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Here is the dialogue from the game. Every line that was "spoken" by Gilder. Yes all of this was typed up by me directly from the game, so please please please ask before using it!
Deserted Island/Claudia
Air Pirate: Captain Gilder!
Gilder: Uhhh...Not again, Lola...Let me sleep a little longer...
Air Pirate: ... Captain!!! Uhh... Captain... You need to wake up!
Gilder:... Huh? Oh...
Air Pirate: We just picked up a boy stranded on a deserted island. He says that he's been there for two weeks!
Air Pirate: Judging by the way he's dressed, he's probably an Air Pirate. He looks like he's about 17. He's pretty much still a baby.
Willy: Oh Baby! Oh Baby!
Gilder: He's a lucky kid... he was only stranded for two weeks.
Gilder: But, if it was me and I was stuck on an island without any women for two whole weeks... I'm not sure I would have made it!!!
Gilder leaves bridge to see Vyse
Gilder: So, you're the guy that was stranded?
Gilder: Hmm... and you're dressed like an Air Pirate. What's your name, kid?
Vyse: I'm Vyse. Thank you for saving me. Are you the captain of this ship?
Gilder: Yes, I am. Just call me Gilder.
Gilder: The ship's name is Claudia. And this "beast" on my shoulder here is Willy.
Gilder: Come to the bridge. I want to hear about your adventures.
They go to bridge
Gilder: Hahahahaha!!! You've defeated three of the Armada's Admirals and escaped from the Grand Fortress?
Gilder: I like you, Vyse. I wouldn't expect anything less from an Air Pirate.
Gilder: Personally, I'm constantly searching for adventure.
Gilder: Treasure, brawls... and women. There are tons of things in this world that make me happy.
Gilder: "Women are like sunsets... They're beautiful, but there will be a different one tomorrow," that's my motto.
Swatchbuckling choice: (1) "That's a good motto." or (2) "That's a little messed up..."
  (1)Vyse: That's a good motto. I'm sure with your looks, you get all the women.
  (1)Gilder: Hahhahahaha! Hey... I don't want another guy to tell me that!
  (1)Gilder: But thanks for the compliment. Oh, and I do get all the women.
  (2)Vyse: That's messed up! How can you be a captain with an attitude like that?
  (2)Gilder: Hahhahahaha! You're right. But, strangely enough, here I am, commanding my own ship.
  (2)Gilder: But what about yourself? Here you are battling Valua and chasing Rhaknam all over the world. You're not the type to settle down either.
Gilder:So, you've been away from your ship for two weeks, right? I'll bet you really miss sailing. Go ahead. Take the wheel.
Vyse: Wha?! Really? You'd let me...?
Gilder: I don't care... Anyone who's accomplished what you have knows his way around a ship.
Gilder: The Claudia's a little on the sensitive side, but you'll get the hang of her in no time...
Gilder: I'm heading to Nasrad. It's the capital of Nasr, due south from here.
Gilder: If you get lost, just look at the map and get your bearings. Alright! Let's go!
Gilder has joined your party
(3) Head to Valua
  (3)Gilder: Hey, hey! Where do you think you're going Vyse? That's Valuan homeland over there!
  (3)Gilder: Don't you think we have better things to do than to pick another fight with the Valuans? We should probably avoid this area.
Sail to Nasrad
Air Pirate: Captain! There's a suspicious looking ship heading straight for us... it's coming in fast! And it's pink!
Gilder: What? I wonder who... Oh, no...
Clara: There you are, my love! You can't play hard to get forever.
Clara: My heart belongs to you!!!
Gilder: Yup... It's Clara, alright...
Gilder: Hmm... in some ways, she's even more frightening than the Armada!
Gilder: Okay, here's the plan.
Gilder: Vyse, you and I are going to take a lifeboat to Nasrad and my crew will sail my ship in the opposite direction as a decoy.
Gilder: Whaddaya say? Sounds like a plan?
Vyse: Umm... Okay. But you're the captain... Is it alright for you to leave your ship?
Gilder: Heh heh... don't worry about it. Titles mean nothing to me.
Gilder: And I told you earlier, didn't I? I'm always searching for adventure.
Gilder: Alright, everyone! Time for Operation Clara... You know the routine. Catch up with us later.
Air Pirates: Aye aye!
They escape
Gilder: Haha... works every time.
Gilder: Alright Vyse, let's head south. Let's see what kind of fun Nasrad has to offer.
Nasrad (First time)
Gilder: I have some personal stuff to take care of first. You go on to the inn and rest up. I'll catch up with you a little later.
Vyse: I don't mind traveling seperately, but what is it you need to do, exactly?
Gilder: I need to stop by the tavern for a bit. There's a few women there that will be happy to see me. Don't wait up...
(4) Talk to Gilder at tavern as Vyse
  (4)Gilder: Hey there, Vyse. I am going to have a few more drinks, so go on back to the inn by yourself.
Head to inn
Vyse: This looks like the room. I guess I just have to wait for Gilder here.
Vyse enters room
(5) Talk to Gilder at tavern as Aika
  (5)Gilder: This must be my lucky day! I come ashore and the first people I meet are you fair maidens!
  (5)Gilder: Let me introduce myself. I'm called Gilder. Perhaps you'll do me the favor of remembering my name, fair maidens!
Aika talks to bartender to get paid
Tavernkeep: Oh! It is you. Here you are...this is your pay. You earned it.
Tavernkeep: You both worked very hard, so I decided to help you out with a little extra bonus. Thank you for everything!
You recieved your "Wages." You also recieved 4 "Sacres Crystal" and 1 "Cham."
Aika: Wow! Thanks! With this, we finally have the 10,000 gold that we need to buy a ship!
Gilder: Well, well! I didn't know you had such pretty girls working here.
Tavernkeep: Gilder, you scoundrel... Keep your hands off the help, okay?
Gilder: They just stopped working here, right? You don't need to get so protective.
Tavernkeep: Some things never change... Gilder, you never were one to resist a pretty face...
Aika returns to inn, finds Pedro, Gilder goes to inn
Gilder: Why hello there. Do you want to grab a bite to eat? I have a friend that can come along too.
Aika: We'd love to, but we're about to go on a trip. Maybe some other time.
Gilder: I see. Well, that's too bad. Safe travels.
Aika: Thank you. Maybe we'll run into you later.
Gilder enters Vyse's room
Gilder: Hey, we just got into town, and you've got your face buried in that map. Have a little fun, will ya?
Gilder: Hey! Where'd you get that map?!
Vyse: I found it on that deserted island I was on.
Gilder: That's the map to the hidden trearue of the legendary Air Pirate, Daccat!
Gilder: It is said that he traveled the world and has seen all six Moons with his own eyes.
Gilder: And it is also said that all the treasures that he accumlated on his adventures are hidden somewhere on a small island.
Gilder: And this is a map of that island. Vyse... you certainly know how to pick your maps!
Vyse: Hmm... But how do we know it's real?
Gilder: Look... it's Daccat's seal. It isn't easy to duplicate that seal.
Gilder: It's no fake, Vyse. This is a real treasure map!
Gilder:We can't just sit here... We have to leave right away!
Vyse: But Gilder, didn't you say something about meeting women and having some fun?
Gilder: Which do you think is more important? Women? Or Daccat's Treasure? Besides, with Daccat's Treasure, we'll be able to get more women.
Gilder: C'mon Vyse... let's go!
Vyse remembers to warn Nasultan
Vyse: Oh, I almost forgot...
Vyse: Before we head off looking for Daccat's Island, I should warn the king about Valua's plans.
Vyse heads to palace to warn Nasultan
Nasr Soldier: This is the Royal Palace of the Nasultan! If you do not have official business, then you are not welcome here.
Vyse: Nasultan?
Gilder: The rulers of Nasr always take on the title of Nasultan. And this is the Royal Palace.
Vyse: I see. So, we should tell this "Nasultan" guy about Valua's plan to attack.
Vyse: Please... We must speak to the Nasultan right away. Let us through.
Nasr Soldier: What?! You wish to speak to the Nasultan? Do you think we allow commoners into the Royal Palace?
Swatchbuckling choice: (6) "We have important information." or (7) "You'd better let us through, or else!"
  (6)Vyse: I have important information regarding the Valuan Armada. Please let us pass.
  (6)Nasr Soldier: Important information about the Valuans? Hmm...
  (6)Nasr Soldier: Valua is our greatest enemy. If you have information about them, then perhaps we can let you speak to the Nasultan.
  (6)Nasr Soldier: Very well, I will grant you permission to enter the Royal Palace. Now, if you will follow me.
  (6)Gilder: Heh, not to shabby, kid. Who's have thought that two ruffians like us would be able to meet the Nasultan?
  (6)Vyse: Well, I just figured that if they knew we were doing them a favor, they'd let us in.
  (7)Vyse: If you don't want to get hurt, you'll let us through.
  (7)Nasr Guard: What did you say?!
  (7)Gilder: Now, now... calm down, everyone.
  (7)Gilder: Mister uhhh... Guard, this here is Captain Vyse, the only Air Pirate to have ever broken out of the Grand Fortress.
  (7)Gilder: If you don't let him pass, you'll learn to regret it later. Is that something you want on your shoulders?
  (7)Nasr Soldier: What? He's the Air Pirate that escaped the Grand Fortress?
  (7)Nasr Soldier: My... my apologies! I didn't... I didn't know that I was speaking to a legend! Forgive me...
  (7)Nasr Guard: Just a moment! I... I will announce your arrival!
  (7)Vyse: Gilder...
  (7)Gilder: Heh... I'm good at this sort of stuff. Leave it up to me.
Nasultan: So you're the air pirate who escaped from the Grand Fortress, eh? I am the Nasultan of the Nasr Kingdom. What is it that you want from me?
Vyse: Valua is planning an attack on Nasrad. They are already organizing their forces.
Vyse: You should warn your people and assemble your fleet right away!
Nasultan: HAHAHAHAHA!!! You came all this way to tell me this?
Nasultan: Do not fear, our navy is powerful enough to crush the Valuan Armada.
Vyse: But, Your Majesty... you shouldn't underestimate them. You need to assemble your fleet or many innocent lives may be lost.
Nasultan: HAHAHAHA!!! You seem very concerned about Nasr for an Air Pirate.
Nasultan: Nasrad is shielded by mountains in the south and sky rifts to the east. It is impossible for them to invade.
Nasultan: If they were to try and invade us, it would have to be from the north. And that is where our fleet is located.
Nasultan: The South Dannel Strait is properly guarded and the maelstrom blocked off North Dannel Strait.
Nasultan: In other words, it would be impossible for anyone to invade us! Hahahaha!
Vyse: But...
Nasultan: Do not worry... Nasr is protected by the Red Moon. Valua cannot touch us.
Nasultan: And besides, if someone as young as you can get past the Armada then perhaps they're losing their edge.
Nasultan: Imagine that... The once mighty Valuan Armada fooled by a boy! Hahahahaha!!!
Gilder: It's no use, Vyse. I don't he'll listen to anything we have to say. Let's stop wasting our time and get looking for Daccat's Island.
Vyse: I don't know. He seems way too overconfident, but I hope for his sake that he's right. C'mon, let's go.
Aika and Fina leave, Vyse and Gilder head to docks
Gilder: Well, then! Let's go find us some treasure!
Vyse: Okay. There are some directions on the map...
Vyse: "... to the north of the City of the Sands. When the two pieces become whole, the way to the treasure will be known."
Vyse: I can't read anything before that... It's torn off. That's all it says.
Gilder: "The City of the Sands" probably refers to the city that was here before Nasrad. I think it was called Oasis.
Gilder: So... it's to the north of here, huh? We can get there in no time with my ship.
Vyse: I'm a sailor without a ship at this point. There's no way I'll be able to search for my friends now.
Vyse: If we do find the treasure, I'd like to use my share to buy a ship.
Gilder: Hahaha, I like you Vyse, you never give up. Very well... off we go!
Head to Daccat's Island
Daccat's Island
Vyse steps on big plate
Vyse: This door is huge! I don't know how the two of us can open it.
Gilder: There's probably some sort of trick to opening it.
Gilder: What?! What was that!?
Fina: Aaaahhhh!
Aika: What was that!?
Fina: Whatever it was, it just opened the door.
Aika: I don't know if that's good or bad.
Vyse: I didn't touch anything... Did you?
Gilder: Hmm... The map said something like... "When the two pieces come together..."
Gilder: I wonder if anyone else is here? Heh... nevermind... what are the chances of that?
Fina: Aika... what do you think we should do?
Aika: I'm not sure how, but the door opened, and there's treasure inside. We should go!
Enter Daccat's Island
Before boss
Gilder: Hey, Vyse! I believe that's what we came here for! Heh, Daccat's Treasure.
Vyse: That's got to be it! Heh, now I can buy my ship.
Aika: Wow! Look, Fina! Look!!! That treasure chest is HUGE!!!
Fina: Oh, yes... I see it! Do you think it's Captain Daccat's Treasure?
Vyse: Who's there?!
Aika: Who's there yourself?
Aika:Oh!!! Vyse...! It's Vyse!!
Fina: Vyse!!
Vyse: Aika! Fina! You're both okay!!
Aika: Vyse!!!
Aika: You're alive! We raised enough money to buy a boat and we were gonna go looking for you! As soon as we got the treasure, of course.
Fina: Vyse... I'm so glad that you are alright...
Fina: Oh, I'm sorry... I'm a little emotional right now, I'm just so happy!!!
Vyse: Aika... Fina... I was so worried. I was gonna buy a boat to look for you, too.
Gilder: Heh! Well look at you...
Gilder: On top of that, I didn't know that your partner was the cutie that I met in Nasr!
Aika: We're all together again!
Vyse: Aww... Now what?!
Boss fight
Open treasure chest
Gilder: Heh... Let's see what the greatest Air Pirate of all time has to offer.
Gilder: ... What?
Gilder: What's this?!
Vyse: What the?!
Aika: A piece of paper... And a single gold coin?
Vyse: "Brave souls that come seeking my treasure, do not be discouraged. You already have the most valuable treasures in the world."
Vyse: "Comrades, trust, and cooperation. Those are the only true treasures in this world. Daccat"
Vyse: I don't believe this...
Aika: That's it? No gems... No jewels?!
Gilder: HAHAHAHAHA!!! I didn't know Daccat had such a great sense of humor.
Gilder: I havn't laughed this hard in a long time! A good laugh beats a bunch of gold any day.
Fina: Well, this treasure has brought us all back together... and friends are more important than any treasure.
Aika: I understand that friends are important... but he could've at least threw in a little something for our trouble!
Aika: First it was the Lost City... then it was Daccat's Treasure... All of these old legends haven't paid off one bit.
Vyse: Hahaha! I'll bet the greatest Air Pirate of all time spent all of his gold while he was still alive. You can't take it with you, y'know.
Aika: Some old bag of bones is in his grave laughing at us right now!!! We ran around like idiots the whole time. And we're still poor!
You recieved "Daccat's Coin."
Cutscene of Valuan Armada
Head back to Nasrad
Nasrad (Second time)
Enter main square
Aika: I was hoping to find a bunch of gold so I could buy a big ship...
Fina: Haha... If we all work together, perhaps you will still be able to buy one, Aika.
Gilder: ... Huh?
Aika: It's the Armada!!!
Vyse: How'd they get here?
Vyse: The Royal Palace!
Gilder: Looks like they're trying to make an example out of Nasr.
Gilder: Vyse, if we just stand around here, we're all dead. Head for the docks!
Vyse: Our ship! It's on fire!!!
Ramirez: Fina... So, you are here.
Ramirez: I've been looking for you.
Fina: Ramirez...
Aika: Fina, you know him?!
Fina: ......
Vyse: Did you lead this attack?!
Ramirez: Yes. From this day on, Nasr belongs to the Valuan Empire.
Ramirez: And... I will be taking you back to Valua.
Ramirez: Surrender or you all die.
Fina: Vyse! Please do as he says!
Vyse: Fina?!
Fina: Please... you won't be able to defeat him! Not yet! Do as he says...
Swatchbuckling choice: (8) "Surrender" or (9) "Fight... even though you know it is futile."
  (8)Vyse: Grr... Alright... we surrender.
  (8)Ramirez: A wise choice.
  (8)Ramirez: Capture the Air Pirates. Take them back to the Grand Fortress.
  (9)Vyse: We'll never surrender! We'd rather die!
  (9)Ramirez: As you wish.
  (9)Ramirez: I would have spared you, but you leave me no choice.
  (9)Gilder: No... How...
  (9)Aika: Vyse...
  (9)Vyse: Can't... fight... any... longer...
Ramirez captures them
  (8)Fina: Ramirez... Why are you doing this?
  (9)Fina: Ramirez... Why...
Ramirez: ......
You have lost the "Red Moon Crystal" and the "Green Moon Crystal."
Off to prison
Enrique protests Theodora's actions
Vyse: I hate Valua.
Vyse: It's always so dark and gloomy here.
Gilder: Yeah, especially when you're locked up in a jail cell.
Gilder: Valuans have no sense of hospitality... Hey guards, can we get some food in here?! How about a drink or something?
Aika: I can't believe we're back in Valua.
Aika: I wonder where Vyse and Fina are being held...
Manly Voice: Is this where the Air Pirate girl is being held?
Jail Guard: Yes, Admiral Vigoro. But sir... Why does that concern you?
Vigoro: Hey, don't worry about it. Now run along and go make yourself useful somewhere else.
Vigoro: Well, what do we have here? Nice legs and curves in all the right places.
Vigoto: Well, I suppose I've seen better, but she's not too bad.
Aika: Who are you?! And are you always this crude?
Vigoro: I am Vigoro, the toughest man in the Armada. I'm surprised you havn't heard of me. The women I've been with love to brag.
Aika: I've never heard of you before in my life!! Where are Vyse and Fina being held?!
Aika: ...!?
Aika: Get away from me, you creep! You're all sweaty and you've got a serious body hair problem. And what's that smell?
Vigoro: Aww, c'mon Red... You know I'm the man of your dreams...
Vigoro: We were meant to be together. I'm sure you'll grow to like me... Just give me a chance.
Aika: Yuck, you're disgusting!
Vyse: This is shaping up to be a great day... Let's see, so far we got captured, seperated from Aika and Fina... And we lost all of the Crystals.
Vyse: What's next? Maybe they'll torture us... A perfect end to a perfect day.
Gilder: Vyse, you're only making things worse. Take it easy.
Vyse: ...Huh?
Willy enters through window
Gilder: Oh, Willy. How're you doing?
Willy: Very bad! Very bad!
Gilder: Haha, is that so? Well, you had to fly all the way over here. I'm not surprised.
Vyse: Gilder... There's a note tied to Willy's leg with a piece of wire...
Gilder: "We will begin bombarding the fortress at midnight, and will await your arrival just outside... The Claudia."
Gilder: Heh... This isn't the first time my men have had to break me out of a prison... They know the routine.
Gilder: Well, the Claudia may not be able to destroy the Grand Fortress by herself, but she'll cause quite a bit of a commotion.
Vyse: That's when we can make our escape!
Gilder: Exactly.
Vyse: But there's still one problem... We need to get out of this cell.
Gilder: Leave that to me. There was a wire around Willie's leg for a reason.
Gilder: I'll have this door open in no time.
Vyse: ...Of course! Heh... is there anything you can't do?
Vyse: ... What's this?
Gilder: What's wrong?
Vyse: There's some writing on the back of this letter.
Gilder: Oh... Well, what does it say?
Vyse: "To my darling Gilder, I will fight for your freedom as well! For you, my love!"
Vyse: "Your soul mate... Clara" ... and there're lipstick marks at the bottom.
Gilder: Clara?! She's here, too?!
Vyse: Well, according to this letter... yeah...
Gilder: Hey, Vyse... We don't really need to break out of here, do we?
Vyse: What are you talking about?! We'll be hanged.
Gilder: Hm... being hanged... and being stuck with Clara... tough choice. Ah... oh well...
Vyse: Wow! I'm impressed...
Gilder: Willy, tell the men to wait for me with a barrel of loqua! I think I'm gonna need it.
Willy: Aye! Aye!
Gilder: Well then... I'll grab our weapons. Let's go!
Vyse: Heh... Let's not forget about Aika and Fina. I'm not leaving without them.
Leave cell
Aika: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
Vyse: ... Hey! That sounded like Aika!!
Take elevator to prison block 2
Vyse: Hey AIka, do you want us to come back later?
Aika: Vyse!! Get this creep off of me!
Vigoro: Hey, beat it kid!
Vyse: Sorry to spoil your fun, but you heard the lady.
Aika: Who said we were having fun?!
Vigoro: I am Vigoro.
Vigoro: No woman in Valua can resist me.
Vigoro: I believe that the worth of a man can be measured by his popularity with the women.
Gilder: Hmm... I kind of like that. I should remember that for later.
Vyse: Where's Fina?! Give us back the Crystals and bring Fina here!
Vigoro: Fina? Oh, the Silvite...
Vigoro: Ramirez escorted her to the Imperial Palace.
Aika: Is that so? Well, after we beat the snot out of you, we'll be rescuing her.
Vigoro: I love it when women talk tough.
Vigoro: Lemme give your friends a lesson in brute force.
Aika: Heh... Looks like you were all talk.
Vigoro: Grr... Well... you got lucky...
Vigoro: And... and... I didn't have my cannon or... my... armor.
Aika: On Pirate Isle where I was raised, we have a saying...
Aika: "A true man never makes excuses for his shortcomings."
Aika: And, going by that saying, you've got quite a ways to go.
Vigoro: Heh... You've got an attitude... I like that.
Vigoro: You'll be seeing me again. You can count on it.
Take elevator to cannon room
Enrique talks to guard and goes to find Vyse
Vyse: What the... This cannon's new... and it's HUGE!!!
Aika: This thing is big enough to wipe out an island!
Vyse: We can run through the barrel to the other side.
Vyse: ... Hey, what happened to Gilder?
Gilder: Sorry about that. Let's get moving!
Vyse: Hey, where did you go?
Gilder: I just had to take care of something. Heh, don't worry about it.
Gilder: We should get out of this dump. My men are about to attack.
Go to elevator, take it up
Ships attack
Aika: Aaahhh!!
Gilder: My men are right on time. Heh... but we're running a little late.
Vyse: Whoa! Look at that firepower! Hey, what about Clara?
Gilder: I'm sure she can hold her own... I think.
Gilder's bomb explodes
Aika: That cannon we ran through... It just exploded!
Vyse: The explosion took out that whole area. They won't be putting that fire out any time soon.
Gilder: Heh... I, ummm, left them a little present...
Gilder: Are you two ready? Here's where the real fun begins.
Head to where Fina is being held.
Ramirez talks to Fina, orders soldiers to investigate explosion
You found the "Harbor Key" in the pocket of the Valuan Soldier.
Vyse: Fina! We came to get you out of here.
Fina: Vyse!
Vyse: We got here as soon as we found out where you were. Are you okay?
Fina: Yes... I am... Thank you...
Fina: It's strange... The first time you rescued me from the train, I was really surprised to see you.
Fina: But this time, I knew that you would come for me. I knew you would find me.
Vyse: Hahaha... Oh Fina, after all we've been through together...
Vyse: I swear on my oath as a Blue Rogue that I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.
Fina: ... I know...
Gilder: Heh... Good one, Vyse. I didn't know you were so smooth with the ladies.
Gilder: Getting jealous, Aika? I bet you wish that Vyse would say stuff like that to you.
Aika: I don't need to hear him say those things. I Know he would do the same for me.
Aika: Whenever I'm in trouble, I have faith that Vyse will always be there to save me. He already saved me once today.
Gilder: Heh... Good point.
Gilder: Can we save the mushy stuff for later? We just broke out of prison, and we're still in Valua.
Vyse: Alright. But, how exactly are we going to get out of here?
Gilder: Well, since we're in the Grand Fortress, there should be Valuan ships docked all over the place. We can borrow one of those.
Gilder: We should be able to reach the docks from the bottom floors of the fortress. We'll have to backtrack a little, but we should be okay.
Vyse: So, we'll take the elevator back down and look for a ship. Alright! Let's go!
Fina has joined your party.
Back down elevator
Aika: What's going on!?
Vyse: Hey! Look!
Gilder: The fortress is rotating.
Gilder: Now's our chance. We should find a ship and get out of here.
Head to harbor area
Aika: Oh, no! The alarm!!
Gilder: This isn't good... In a few seconds, this place is going to be crawling with guards.
Gallant Voice: Quick! Get on the lift!
Aika: Someone is telling us to get on that thing! I can't see who it is! Vyse, what should we do?
Swatchbuckling choice: (10) "Let's take our chances and hop on." or (11) "This could be a trap..."
  (10)Vyse: If we just stand around here, we're gonna get caught anyway. We should take the lift.
  (10)Gilder: That's true. It looks like that's our only option.
  (10)Vyse: ... Alright, let's go
  (11)Vyse: This could be a trap... I think we should look for another way out.
  (11)Gilder: Well, it might be a trap, but it's the only way out of here.
  (11)Gilder: If we get caught again, there's no way we'll be able to escape. They'll probably execute us on the spot.
  (11)Fina: Vyse, I think that person is trying to help us. I think we should trust him.
  (11)Vyse: ... Alright. Everyone, let's get on.
Get on lift
Enrique: So, you're Vyse? I am Enrique.
Gilder: Enrique?! You're... the Prince of Valua!!!
Aika: You're the Prince!?
Enrique: Haha... Yes... I am.
Enrique: After you escaped from your cells, I figured you'd head for the docks to try and steal a ship. Please, follow me.
Aika: Alright, what's going on? Why is the Prince helping us?
Vyse: I have no idea. But, we should probably follow him.
Enter ship
Vyse: What the?!
Enrique: You've probably already figured out that we're on the bridge of a ship.
Enrique: Say hello to the Delphinus, the newest member of the Armada. This is my personal flagship.
Enrique: It is heavily armored, and can still match the top speed of our Cruisers. And it is equipped with the weaponry of a Heavy Battleship.
Vyse: It's amazing!
Enrique: This ship is the prototype. Soon, we will begin building a whole fleet of Delphinus Class Ships.
Enrique: Valua plans to use these ships to take over the world.
Gilder: With a whole fleet of ships like this, Valua would easily be able to take over the world. Especially since Nasrad has fallen.
Gilder: So, your Royalness... There's still one thing that I can't figure out.
Gilder: Why would you help us escape, then take us to the bridge of your flagship? You've gone through a lot of trouble just to show off...
Aika: Yeah. Gilder has a good point.
Enrique: I...
Enrique: I want you to take this ship... and I want you to take me with it.
Vyse: WHAT?!
Aika: Are you serious?
Enrique: Valua has been taking over other countries by force, destorying their lands, and murdering the innocent.
Enrique: As a Prince of the Valuan Empire, all of the innocent blood spilled by the Armada is on my hands.
Enrique: I've done all that I can to convince the Empress, and Galcian, that what Valua is doing is wrong, but I cannot convince them to change their ways.
Enrique: Everything I have tried has failed. I am powerless to stop them.
Enrique: My only chance for redemption is to aid you.
Enrique: Please! Take me with you! I will even go with you as a hostage.
Swatchbuckling choice: (12) "Of course you can come with us." or (13) "Sorry, but you can't expect us to trust you."
  (12)Vyse: Of course you can come with us. But, there is one problem... the Blue Rogues don't take hostages.
  (13)Vyse: I'm sorry, but you can't expect us to trust you. How do we know you won't betray us?
  (13)Aika: Vyse! He already saved our lives once. Havn't you been listening to what he's been saying?! We have to believe him...
  (13)Fina: Vyse... I... I believe him.
  (13)Fina: When I was taken to the palace, I saw him confront the Empress in front of her subjects. He did everything he could to try and stop her.
  (13)Fina: He just helped us escape from the guards, and he's giving us this ship. He is committing treason to help us.
  (13)Fina: Vyse, if we don't take him with us, he will be executed as a traitor.
  (13)Vyse: ......
  (13)Vyse: ... I understand. But there is still one more problem... the Blue Rogues don't take hostages.
Vyse: If you want to sail with us, you must do so as a Blue Rogue.
Enrique: ... Thank you! I will do my part as a member of your crew!!
Vyse: You know, I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Vyse of the Blue Rogues.
Enrique: It is an honor to be a member of your crew, Vyse.
Aika: I never would have thought that I'd be riding in the same ship as a Valuan, let alone, the Prince of Valua.
Aika: But... The Crystals are still in the hands of the Valuans...
Fina: Yes... You're right...
Enrique: Well, technically, you are right.
Aika: What?!
Enrique: I have the Crystals. I stole them before I came to the docks to find you. I was going to destroy them...
Enrique: But perhaps it would be best if I returned them to you. Please, take them.
Aika: Wow! Enrique, you've done so much for us already... Thank you!
Gilder: Heh, you act awful lot like an Air Pirate, for a Prince.
Vyse: Alright, start the engines!! Let's take the Delphinus and get out of here!!
Everyone: Yeah!!
You have reacquired the "Red Moon Crystal" and the "Green Moon Crystal."
Vyse: Let's go! Delphinus, full speed ahead!!!
They start to leave
Vyse: They've sealed off the entrance!
Gilder: I wouldn't worry too much about the fortress. The spot where I blew up the cannon should be weak.
Gilder: And if this ship's got the firepower that the Prince said, we should be able to blast our way out.
Vyse: Well, here goes!
Vyse: We did it!
Aika: I can't believe it! We just broke through the Grand Fortress.
Gilder: You sure know how to break in a new ship.
Fina: Now we can finally continue on our search for the other Moon Crystals!!
Enrique: Well, Valua, it looks like this is goodbye for now...
Vyse: We did it! We escaped from the Grand Fortress twice!
Fina: Yes, and I'm happy that we're all together again!
Gilder: Some of us are happier than others...
Clara: Oh, Gilder! I'm so happy! I'll never let you go!
Gilder: Out of one prison, into the next.
Aika: Hahaha! What's wrong, Gilder? You guys make a cute couple.
Fina: I am very happy for you, Clara.
Clara: Oh, thank you Fina! This is too good to be true! This is the happiest day of my life!!!
Gilder: I'm really starting to miss that jail cell in Valua.
Enrique: Well, since we have a new ship, I believe it's time to decide on a captain.
Enrique: Even though this is my ship, I am not an experienced sailor. I would feel more comfortable with someone else at the helm.
Aika: I know who I'd cast my vote for.
Aika: Vyse... You're the best man for the job.
Fina: I agree with Aika. I would feel the most comfortable with you as our captain.
Clara: I know that I just met you, but there's something about you... I think you would make an excellent captain.
Gilder: You're a great sailor, Vyse, and a good leader. I think you'd make a great captain.
Enrique: Well, it seems unanimous... Vyse, will you accept the responsibility of being Captain of the Delphinus?
Swatchbuckling choice: (14) "I'll do it!" or (15) "I don't know if I'm up to it..."
  (14)Vyse: I'll do it! I won't let you down!
  (14)Aika: That's what I wanted to hear! Besides, wasn't it your dream to be captain of your own ship someday?
  (15)Vyse: Hmm... To be completely honest, I don't know if I'm up to it. That's a lot of responsibility.
  (15)Aika: Vyse! What are you saying?! You've been dreaming about this moment all your life!
  (15)Aika: Ever since we were kids, it's been your dream to be the captain of your own ship. Besides, you're the only one capable!
  (15)Gilder: Aika is right, Vyse, you're the best man for the job.
  (15)Vyse: ... Alright. I'll do it.
  (15)Vyse: Don't worry, everyone... I won't let you down!
  (15)Aika: That's more like it!
Aika: Oh yeah! The Delphinus is going to need a new flag!
Gilder: You're right Aika! Every crew should have a flag that symbolizes what they stand for.
Gilder: Why don't we start working on one now? The Delphinus should have a flag as soon as possible.
Enrique: You're right. I think Vyse, Aika, and Fina should get together and design our new flag.
Enrique: Being a prince of Valua, I don't think it is my place to design an Air Pirate's flag, but I can judge any ideas that you have.
Fina: What? You want me to design one, too?
Aika: Sure, why not? It will be fun! Just give it a try.
Aika: Hey, Vyse. I want to take a look around the Delphinus!
Vyse: I think we all should.
Gilder: We should split up and check out the ship. If something's wrong with it, it's better to find out now, rather than in the heat of battle.
Vyse: Sounds good to me! Break time, everyone! Meet back at the bridge when you're done.
Explore ship
(16) Talk to Gilder
  (16)Gilder: Hey, Vyse. I don't know where it's coming from, but I keep hearing this strange noice up here...
  (16)Gilder: I've looked around, but couldn't find where it was coming from. Maybe you'll have better luck. Oh, and when you're done, I need to talk to you.
(17) Talk to steering wheel
  (17)Giler*: Hey, Vyse... Before we set sail, there was something that I wanted to talk to you about.
Find Marco and talk to Gilder
Gilder: Hey there, Vyse. Have you finished looking around the ship? There's something that I need to talk to you about.
(18)"Actually, I'm not quite finished yet." or "I've pretty much seen everything I wanted to."
  (18)Vyse: Actually, I'm not quite finished looking around yet...
  (18)Gilder: That's no problem. Just take your time. But, when you're finished, I still need to talk to you, okay?
Vyse: I've pretty much seen everything that I wanted to. What did you want to talk to me about?
Gilder: Well, actually...
Gilder: I'm leaving. I'm going to head back and meet up with the Claudia.
Vyse: What?!
Gilder: I figure this is probably my only chance to escape from Clara.
Gilder: I don't think I'm ready to settle down just yet.
Vyse: Sure you are. You guys make a really cute couple.
Gilder: Vyse! Don't even joke about that!
Vyse: Hahaha... alright, alright. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Vyse: But seriously, we're all going to miss you.
Gilder: Thanks. Before I go, I have three pieces of advice for you.
Gilder: First... You'll need to get a crew.
Vyse: A crew?
Gilder: Yes. With a ship this size, you'll need a lot of crew members to take care of the specific duties.
Gilder: Get a good watchman, a cook, a gunner...
Gilder: I'm sure there are plenty of skilled sailors out there who will join the fight against Valua.
Gilder: If you run into anyone who can help you, bring them aboard. The more crew members that you have, the better your ship will operate.
Gilder: Second... You'll need a base.
Gilder: You'll need a place to repair your ship, and your crew will need warm beds and warm meals every once in a while.
Gilder: Your father has his own base, right? You said it was on Pirate Isle. Well, you'll need your own headquarters as well.
Gilder: What about that deserted island that I found you on? I believe it's called Cresecent Isle...
Gilder: That island looks just about right. Why don't you head back there?
Gilder: And most of all... No matter what happens, never give up.
Gilder: I don't know if you've realized it yet, but you've accomplished a lot so far... especially for someone your age.
Gilder: You've escaped from the Valuan Coliseum, crossed South Ocean, found Daccat's Treasure...
Gilder: Defeated three of the Admirals of the Armada, took two of the Gigas out of commission, and escaped from the Grand Fortress... twice.
Gilder: For some reason, everyone seems to follow you, myself included. Even though you're a little crazy.
Gilder: Actually... it's because no matter what happens, you never give up. Anytime something stands in your way, you never let it stop you.
Gilder: Your crew knows that you will always do everything in your power to protect them. I can tell by the way they all look at you.
Gilder: ... And on this bridge, with this ship, you're going to sail around the world.
Gilder: You'll probably run into things ten times more dangerous that you've already faced, but no matter what happens, don't give up!
Gilder: If you follow my advice, you'll accomplish things that you've never even dreamed of...
Vyse: Thank you...
Clara: Oh, Gilder! Where are you?
Gilder: Oh no! It's Clara!
Gilder: Sorry, Vyse... I can't stay and chat any longer. She'll catch me and it'll be all over!!
Gilder: So long, Vyse. I hope to see you again someday...
Gilder: I usually just sail around in search of fun, but the time I spent sailing with you...
Gilder: ... was probably the most fun I've ever had. Keep it up, kid!
Vyse: Thanks for everything, Gilder.
Clara: Oh, Vyse!
Clara: Hey, Vyse... Why did Gilder run off in such a hurry like that?
Vyse: Uh, um... He said that he was... um... going back to the Claudia.
Clara: What?! Well, I've got to catch him right away! He's not getting away from me that easily!
Vyse: ... Well, it looks like Gilder is going to need more luck than me...
Vyse: I can't believe it. I'm finally the captain of my own ship. And the Delphinus is quite a ship!
Vyse: Alright... let's go!! Full speed to Crescent Isle!!!
Gilder has left the party.
Enrique has joined the party.
Crescent Isle (First time)
Gilder: Hey, long time no see! Wow... you've got yourself a nice little base set up here!
Vyse: Gilder!
Gilder: I heard that you sailed around the world! As always kid, it sounds like you've been trying to get yourself into more trouble...
Gilder: I came here to hear all about your travels... that, and for a good meal.
Vyse: Haha... Good old Gilder... Pleasure before business...
Night on Crescent Isle
Gilder: you want to Yafutoma and then on to the Land of Ice, huh? Just listening to your stories makes my adrenaline flow.
Gilder: And so in the end, you collected the five Moon Crystals... Nice work.
Aika: Yup, we got them all!
Gilder: And since all of them are together, I suppose that means Fina will be taking them with her when she heads home soon...
Fina: ...Yes.
Gilder: Actually... There was something that was bothering me from earlier...
Gilder: Fina... where exactly did you come from? I mean, where are you going home to?
Fina: ......
Aika: Fina?
Fina: The place to which I must return... The place where both Ramirez and I were born and raised...
Fina: the Great Silver Shrine. It is in a place, high above the sky...
Vyse: The Great... Silver Shrine?
Fina: Long ago, when the Rains of Destruction fell upon the lands, and most of the world's population was killed... All seemed lost...
Fina: The most powerful Silvite mages met at the Shrine. They combined their energy to send it into the sky... above the destruction.
Fina: They escaped the horrible fate that fell upon the rest of the world, by rising above the destruction.
Fina: Ever since then... from above... we have sworn to protect the people of this world from the same fate that our ancestors suffered.
Fina: That is the primary mission of the ramining Silvites.
Fina: The Great Silver Shrine is high above the clouds, where no ship can reach it...
Fina: I plan to take the Moon Crystals back to the Great Silver Shrine. So that no one will ever be able to abuse their power again.
Enrique: But... How are you going to get home?
Fina: If I can get back the ship that I came in, then I should be able to make it home.
Fina: But, when I was attacked by Valua, my ship sank beneath the clouds...
Vyse: Yes, I remember... you're talking about that ship you were flying when Alfonso attacked you.
Enrique: Hmm... it appears that we must find another way of getting Fina home.
Aika: But... If we find a way to get Fina back home...
Aika: ...does that mean we'll have to say good-bye? We'll never get to see her again...
Fina: ......
Fina: Lately... I sometimes find myself thinking...
Fina: ...I started thinking, if I am unable to find a way home...
Fina: ...that I'll be able to stay here, with everyone.
Fina: Haha... I'm sorry... that's so silly of me. My orders were to gather the Moon Crystals and to return to the Great Silver Shrine with them...
Vyse: ...
Cutscene with Ramirez and Galcian about Dangral Island
Head to Delphinus
Gilder: Hey, Vyse! Thanks for the food yesterday! It was delicious!
Vyse: Oh, Gilder... You're leaving already?
Gilder: Yeah, I need to get going... But before I go, I have some news for you... I found out some information on the Armada's latest project...
Gilder: I just heard about this the other day... It appears that Valua has begun advancing into the lower altitudes...
Gilder: I heard that north of Pirate Isle... somewhere beneath the clouds, they're building a base on Dangral Island.
Gilder: It's just a rumor, but I heard they're building a ship that can go into Deep Sky...
Vyse: Deep Sky?
Gilder: Yes... beneath the thick layer of clouds... immersed in total darkness... there is a "bottom" of the world.
Gilder: No one has ever seen what's beneath the clouds... some people say that it's completely dead...
Vyse: What could they be looking for down there?
Gilder: I don't know. But, Fina's ship sank beneath the clouds, right?
Vyse: Hmm... you're right. That must be what they're after.
Vyse: Thanks, Gilder. We'll go check it out.
Gilder: You don't need to thank me! Good luck, Vyse!

Crescent Isle (Second time)
Vyse: Home, sweet home.
Gilder: Hey! Looks like they made it back alive after all!