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Download desktop patterns! All were made from screenshots captured by me (and a few are screenshots that I thought looked nice as desktops).
Fina, Gilder, Vyse, and Aika
This is simply a screenshot from before you fight Ramirez. I think it makes a great desktop pattern...maybe you'll agree!
Gilder and Silver Nightmare
This is also a screenshot, but it makes a great desktop pattern. Try it, see if you like it!
Another screenshot, but a pretty neat pose of the final boss. Would look great as a desktop pattern.
Another screenshot, this one is Ramirez before summoning Zelos. Neat pose, great desktop pattern. Try it out!
Another screenshot, but you gotta love the colors :D Try it as a desktop, see what you think.
A screenshot of Gilder's "low HP" battle pose that makes a good desktop pattern.
Claudia Flag
It's Claudia's flag, from the S-move