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Here are some EXCLUSIVE audio clips of Gilder in battle in Skies of Arcadia (and SoAL). All captured by me. If you use them, please please please give me credit!
Use these as AIM/YIM alert sounds!
Gunslinger - "C'mon! Dance for me!" from the S-move
WAV, 41.1 KB
Aura of Denial - "Your petty little tricks won't work on us!" from the S-move
WAV, 53.8 KB
Claudia - "You mess with me, you mess with Claudia!" from the S-move
WAV, 59.2 KB
Prophecy - "...the power..." from the group Prophecy attack
WAV, 17.1 KB

Victory - "Why did I tag along?" is Gilder's low HP victory phrase
WAV, 35.5 KB
Victory - "I wish they were all that easy..." is Gilder's high HP victory phrase
WAV, 37.7 KB
Item - "This should work!" from when Gilder uses an item
WAV, 16.2 KB
Spell - "Moons, give me strength!" from spellcasting
WAV, 35.1 KB
Run - "I'm not in the mood right now..." from when Gilder runs from battle
WAV, 32.3 KB
Ha! - "Ha!" from when Gilder uses a normal attack
WAV, 6.8 KB
Take that! - "Take that!" from when Gilder does a critical hit
WAV, 18.7 KB
Ah! - "Ah!" from when Gilder is attacked
WAV, 9.59 KB

See ya! - "See ya!" from when you first land in Nasrad                   
WAV, 16.2 KB

Final Battle
Die! - Ramirez's trademark "Die!"
WAV, 21.5 KB
I'll kill you! - Ramirez's "I'll kill you...all of you!"
WAV, 59.2 KB
Lunar Blessing - Ramirez's "Moons, give me your blessing" from his S-move
WAV, 70 KB
Silver Tundra - Ramirez's "Repent your sins through death..."
WAV, 118 KB