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Ask Gilder! Inspired (AKA copied from :P) SoAWorld's Mailbag, and demanded by fans (AKA one person), you can send in questions to Gilder here. Please keep questions appropriate.
Ask Gilder!

Love Foxy writes:
you dont seem to be having many questions lately so i
thought i would write yet again to get some conversation
1) describe your perfect girl
2) if you could do one last thing before you die what would
it be?
3) when you dies what will your last words be?
4) what would be the worst way to die do you think?
5) would you rather a) clean the dirt out between osmans
toes with your tongue or b)have a bath with alfonso and
then cut his toenails!
6) whats your fave arcadian food?
7)do you think vyse gets to much attention?
8) u prefere evil aika opr normal?
9) evil fina or normal?
10) if you could choose a place to die where would u die?
these questions are very random but i just couldnt think of
any! sorry if you dont like them!

1) Hmmm... that's a hard one. I'd want someone with
an attitude, strong but passionate. And of course, she'd
have to look good ;)
2) I've always wanted to see Aika and Fina kiss... maybe
if I got them drunk...
3) Guess they're not all that easy...
4) Anything involving Clara...
5) Excuse me while I jump off the ship...
6) Loqua. Oh wait, that's not a food. I'd have to say I
really enjoy Polly's cooking.
7) Nope, he deserves it.
8) You mean Anita? Can't say 'til I've got some of Aika,
if ya know what I mean.
9) See above response.
10) In battle, definetly.

Clara writes:
Hey, Gilder. It's me again, Clara. I just wanna now: why
do you hate me? Am I ugly? Do you hate pink? Do you hate the
way I am or the way I act? Please, answer me. I'm talking
serious, so please, answer it seriously. I love you, from the
deep of my heart. If you really hate me, ok, I'll give up. I
just wannna see you happy, and if that means that I'll have
to set you free, then I will. 
With love, Clara. 

(It's me... I don't think Gilder read past the second sen-
tense... so you'll never know :-\)

Necromancer Aiko666 writes:
Man, that Love Foxy girl REALLY likes you. Anyway, Gilder, 
have you ever been rejected by someone you really loved?
And what do you think about brazilian women (I'm one,

I love you, I love Vyse, I love Ramirez, I love Enrique, I 
love Lawrence, I love Hans, I love men.

Sorry, my english sucks. Thanks for reading this!

Rejected? I've been rejected once or twice... but most
women can't keep their hands off me ;)
And as long as you're female, I don't really care what
part of Arcadia you're from.

KoopaKid writes:
1. What's your favorite character?
2. Do you think SoA can compare to Final Fantasy?
3. What's your favorite weapon?
4. What do you think of Vize?
5. Hardest battle?

1) Besides myself? Probably Fina.
2) Yes.
3) Probably my Warrior's Pistol
4) He's great. I really admire him in a lot of ways.
5) Ramirez

Shawn Click writes:
i have some questions for you:
1. do you think a tall girl with blonde hair and blue eyes
is attractive.
2 do you think belleza is sexy? (by the way i tthink u r
3 if you could go on a date with me would you go all the
way with me on the first date?
thats all for now!!!!

1) Hell yeah!
2) Yeah, I do. And thank you. A lot of girls do ;)
3) Depends on if you could handle me

Clara writes:
Ok then!! That's what you want, isn't it?! I'm gonna chase
for your whole life!! MWAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, my sweet Gilder...
Just wait and you will see... You should sleep with an
eye opened... You never know what can appear on your bed,
by your side... kkkkkk... *death glare*

I'm not here...

Hades writes:
Hades here!!!

You have to be the worlds greatest charecter!!! anyway!!
1) which is a better ship little jack or the delphinus?
2) have you ever used a minigun?
3) whats better woman or sunsets? lol
4) whos ever bin your hardest boss?
5) who do you think is prittier aika or fina?
6) what have you got against clara?
7) good look in your future for the good life! your an
inspuration to us all!!!

Thanks. Glad someone appreciates my skills.
1) I'd have to say the Delphinus, although I do have
a certain fondness for smaller old-fashioned ships.
2) I'm not sure...
3) Women, of course!
4) Hmm... probably the two rock things guarding Daccat's
treasure chest.
5) Fina is prettier, but I'm attracted to that fieryness
that Aika has...
6) What havn't I got against her?
7) Thanks!

Love Foxy writes:
yo gilder my main man! that last person that wrote was
insane! ok i get the idea that she like a few decent guys
i mean lawrence yummy and you yummy! but ramirez? he's
a nutter! and enrique? does she not think he resembles
a female? he looks like my sister!! gee!!
how are you?
living life to the full?
did you miss me?
how many women have u slept with this month? 
my sister wants to knwo if vyse is married yet because
shes gonna admit her undying love for him?!!

anyway loadsa love, foxy xxx

I'm sorta... uh... occupied right now...
Got a girl waiting in the other room... really gotta
go... sorry!

Ask Gilder!