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Ask Gilder! Inspired (AKA copied from :P) SoAWorld's Mailbag, and demanded by fans (AKA one person), you can send in questions to Gilder here. Please keep questions appropriate.
Ask Gilder!

Griff Valdez writes:
just a couple questions
1. if you hate Clara so much why did you let her hang off
you at crecent isle and not mind? I've lost sleep over tha
2. just for fun whats your favorate food?

1) Who said I didn't mind?
2) Does loqua count as a food?

Love Foxy writes:
1) after arcadia ramirez was finally beaten what did you
2) if you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
3) i noticed that on arcadia there are no toilets or
bathrooms! how do you have a relaxing bath or go to the
4) who do you prefere aika or fina? why?
5) which female on the game APART from belleza is your
fave and why? 
6) what do you do in your spare time when ure not with
7) how many crew members do you have? what are they called
and what are they like?
8)are your crew as crazy about women as you?

1) Found more women, got drunk some more... what else?
2) Tons of gold. And some women. And some loqua. Easy
enough, no?
3) Actually, we do have bathrooms, you just don't see them.
On a ship, we can't take baths or showers though, which is
why everyone likes some dry land every now and then ;)
4) Hmm... Fina because she's so innocent and impressionable.
But Aika has a hot temper, and I think that's sexy. Damn,
hard choice! Probably Fina.
5) Either Aika or Fina, probably.
6) Fly around Arcadia, get drunk, fight a few guys.
Of course, it's kinda hard to remember the last time I
wasn't with a woman...
7) I have quite a few, let's just leave it at that. We
all have a similar interest: women. Heh, it's why they're
even flying with me in the first place.
8) Yep.

Love Foxy writes:
hey i know im asking a hell of a lot of questions but
i guess im just nosy!
1) what would you do on your ideal date with a girl?
exept sleeping with her which i think u'l say.
2) who do you find eviler? ramirez or galcian?
3) If you could do one last thing before you died what
would it be and why?
4) whats your fave country in arcadia? and why?
5) can you play any instruments?
6) did you ever see belleza when she pretended to be
bellena and danced at maramba? what did you think of it?
7) what did you get for christmas? (if there is christmas
in arcadia)
8) who do you think are the best suited couple in arcadia
and why?
sorry if im asking to many questions! am i annoying you?
i hope not.

1) Hmm... Sail out with them to watch the Yafutoman
waterfalls, I guess. Vyse showed me those once. Heh, I
think it'd be romantic.
2) Galcian. I feel sorry for Ramirez...
3) Hard question. I don't think there's anything that I
would want to do that I wouldn't have done already.
4) Yafutoma. I like the area. Too bad my ship can't
get there on its own...
5) Nope
6) No, I didn't, but Vyse told me about that once. Wish
I'd been there ;)
7) What exactly is "christmas?"
8) Hmmm... Enrique and Moegi.

Love Foxy writes:
why do you think they are the best suited couple?
and am i anoying you?
sorry if i am!

Dunno, I think they go together pretty well. I mean,
they're both royalty and all.
And don't worry, you couldn't annoy me ;) Actually, why
doncha come over to my place tonight and we can get
comfortable, huh? ;)

Love Foxy writes:
wooo wudnt mind! ok heres a few questions about ure
dating style then (pretend ure goin on a date with me
just to make things easier)....
1) the date begins and u go to pick me up. how wud you
pick me up and around what time?
2) where would you take me first?
3) what would we eat if anything?
4) where else would we go?
5) how far do you go on a first date (kissing etc)
6) when u take me back what would you say and would you
give me a goodnight kiss goodbye?
7) would you ask to come in for a drink?     ; )
8)how would the date end?
cheers mr! thanks for answerin all my questions and i hope
i dont waste ure time too much!
love foxy xxxx

Oh hey, a date sounds good...
1) In the Claudia, of course. And at whatever time suits
you best.
2) Wherever you wanted to go. Probably sailing for a
while though. Hope ya don't mind ;)
3) I'd take ya to Gordo's. You havn't lived til you've
had some of his food.
4) Wherever else you wanted.
5) Uh...all the way if you're willing ;)
6) I'd do more than give you a kiss goodbye... and
hopefully I wouldn't need to take you back 'til morning.
7) You drink?
8) Heh, I can think of a few ways ;)

Rune-chan writes:
Hi, Gilder! I'm Rune, the Vize chibi. I can't type, so
I asked sorakh to. Here's my Vyse-or-Vize-oriented
1. How old would you give Vize?
2. If I told you Vyse and Vize are brothers, would you
believe me? (They are not, just asking.)
3. Can I have the Vyse Hamachou? It's so cute!=^.^=
4. Did you and Dyne ever met when you were around
Vyse's age?
5. Does Vyse has a last name?
6. What do you want to do to Vize?
a-Slap him
b-Give him a lecture
c-Pull down his pants in public (tis wasn't m idea/ it
was soralh0
d-Make him prance around in only a skimpy towel(this
was his. Don't ask.)
7. If you wanted, would you walk around Crescent Isle
with only your underwear?
That's all. Rune's gone playing some Duel Monsters
against Vyse, so yeah. Sayonara!

1) What, you mean his age? Late teens, I'd say.
2) No.
3) Don't ask me, ask that weird guy that lives with
all of 'em.
4) No.
5) Ya know, I have no idea. I should ask him.
6) How about none of those -_-;;
7) Depends on who's watching ;)

Professor Ilchymis writes:
I have a few questions for you today....
(1). What is the average length of a relationship
with you? (2). What do you think of Ilchymis? (3).
Who is your favorite crew member of Vyse's? (4). What's
your favorite ship? (besides the Claudia) (5). What is
your opinion of Alphonso? (6). What do you think would
happen if you and Ilchymis's DNA was combined?

1) Define "relationship"
2) Eh, he's okay, I guess. Don't know him well enough
to have a real opinion of him.
3) Belle, although I guess she's a bit too young
for my tastes...
4) I'd have to say the Delphinus. She may not have the
grace that the Claudia has, but she sure makes up for
it in combat!
5) He should be shot and thrown into Deep Sky.
6) What kind of a question is that?!?

Zonr_0 writes:
Hey gilder, few questions:
1. how did that date go with foxy?
2.boxers or briefs?
3.can you please please pleas please PLEASE shoot
Osman? (then maybe follow up with Aika if you please)
4.Have you seen the princess of Vaula lately? She was
reportedly last seen near a ship that looked like yours.
Her name is Migia.
5.Has Vyse killed Baltor yet?
6.Has Vyse gotten married yet, or at least found someone?
7.What would you do if you switched bodies with Ramirez?
And he and Vyse were trapped in a cell because all the
Valuans thought he was you?
8.Why did that last question have bad grammar?
9.Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
10.Is it true that febreeze solves everything?
11.Do you have any dating advice for the dating
challenged out there?
12.Does Alan screen these?
13. Can you bury Osman after you kill her/him/it, dig
her up, then kill her/him/it again?

1) None of your business ;)
2) Boxers. They're not as limiting as briefs, if you
get my drift ;)
3) Would be a waste of a bullet. And ain't no way I'm
shooting Aika!
4) No, I havn't.
5) Not that I know.
6) I secretly think he likes Fina, but don't tell
him I said that ;)
7) Good question... What would YOU do?
8) Maybe you're drunk?
9) Who cares.
10) What's "febreeze?"
11) Be me.
12) Yep
13) That would require touching it... and I don't think
I'm ready to die just yet.

Love Foxy writes:
hey i havent written in a while so i thought id write
to say hello! With a few questions of course! 
1) what did you think or our date? wanna go on another
one sometime?
2) aika fina belleza or me?!! muahahaha
3) what would you say if i said i had a secret crush on
galcian when he was alive?
4) dont you think some people that write to you on
here are a bit strange?
5) would you class me as strange?
6) whats ure fave possestion?
7) out of all your adventures that youve ever had what
would your best adventure be?
8) whats the hardest boss uve ever beat?
9) which person do you hate most in the world of arcadia?
10) did you no i have a secret base? bet you cant guess
where it is!! ill give you 2 clues. water in a desert!
there i think thats an easy clue! i think i just gave
my base away! poo!
write answers soon cos i love readin the answers!

1) Hmm... you weren't bad ;) Sure,
2) Belleza. Sorry!
3) ...
4) Yes. I don't know if I should be afraid of my fans
or what...
5) Yes, but I got on a date with you, so you're not
all bad ;)
6) Hmm... Probably The Claudia.
7) My adventure with Vyse.
8) That's a good question...
9) mean Clara.
10) Yes, you did give it away.

Aya-chan writes:
Heysa! ^_^ Aya-chan has some 'questions'.
1. How do you feel about spam?
2. How do you feel about Jello?
3. How do you feel about spontanious combustion?
4. Should I write a song about spontanious combustion?
5. If you were to spontaniously combust, what would
you do?
6. You're stuck in a room with Clara.  There's no way
to get out, and there's no way to commit suicide. 
What do you do?
7. Are you afraid of commitment or something?
8. Would you kill Clara if you had the opportunity?
9. I feel like singing.  Lalala...
10. Would you mind terribly if I kidnapped you and
stuck you in my Fangirl Mansion? (They're mostly anime
guys that I've kidnapped, so don't get your hopes up
about women...)
11. I want Kuronue's hat.  He won't give it to me,
either.  Why should he get a funny hat but not me? 
It's not fair! Will you steel it for me?  His reflexes
are too good... (from Yu Yu Hakusho, don't ask...)
12. I'm running out of questions.  Any ideas?
Aaaaaaand... that's it.  I'm done. >XD Beware my
insanity!  MUAHAHAHA*cough*haha...

1) Mail spam or food spam? I think both are
2) What's "Jello?"
3) You've been playing Gilder's Quest too much. Alan
went a little crazy there...
4) ...
5) What the hell....
6) Hmmm... I'd be tempted to kill her, but it'd be
a waste of a bullet.
7) No. Of course not.
8) See #6 above.
9) You people get weirder every day...
10) Yes... at least stick me in with some gals! Hell,
you can lock me up with some gals, I wouldn't mind.
11) ....
12) I think it's time for me to make a quick escape.

Ask Gilder!