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Ask Gilder! Inspired (AKA copied from :P) SoAWorld's Mailbag, and demanded by fans (AKA one person), you can send in questions to Gilder here. Please keep questions appropriate.
Ask Gilder!

Lord Zivilyn Bane writes:
How come you and Dyne are the only people in your 
world who use guns? And why must you run up to your
foes in order to shoot them at times? 

I can't help the fact that people like other
weapons. I offered my guns to Vyse once but he
said he prefered his cutlasses...
And I do not always run up to the enemy! It's
just when I feel like a little close range combat,
that's all. Let em stare down the barrel a bit...

ANARKlN writes:
1. how many women have you had in bed at the same
2. do you like older women? (i.e. osman)
3. who would you ratehr be married to - alfonso, de
loco or clara? 

1. Hmm...I think my record was 6 at once.
2. Older women are okay, but Osman is frightening.
3. I'd kill myself before I married any of them.

Arcadio writes:
1. Can I have one of your old guns?
2. Do you really like Clara? (Who didn't see that
3. Did you see that coming?
4. Do you ever do anything except look for women and
5. Did you act that way as a kid? 

1. Sure...
2. Deep down inside, I have a deep longin...hell no!
...and yes, that was sarcasm.
3. Yes -_-
4. I get drunk every now and then too!
5. Actually, no. There's a story behind that...

Clara writes:
My love! Tell me, why do you hate me so much?! Im a
woman,  Im cute and I have my own ship!! Were the
perfect couple!

Doesn't someone read over my mail before I get it?!?
*Glares at Alan*
If you'll excuse me, I have a quick getaway to make...

bomberman writes:
hey gilder, where are you from?

I like to say I was born in a ship, but I honestly have
no idea. As far back as I can remember, my parents were
flying, me with them. I never asked them either.

Clara writes:
You didnt answer my question!!

(Yeah, it's me...Gilder's not here anymore... he told
me to tell you to stop chasing him...)

Vyse and Vize write:
Hey, it's us. Vyse AND Vize-held at cutlass point by a
very serious fangirl named Adele. Vyse has the uneven
numbers and I have the even numbers. Let's start!
1:If you could choose a pet for me from Adele's
letter, what would you pick?
2:Do you hate me? Seriously. I'm sorry about imitating
Vyse and giving him a bad name-hey, at lease I can get
my lil' niece some cool stuff. Now tell me:did you
hate me for what I did to Vyse?
3:Get away from my girls.
4:What he said. Especially my sister
5:Would you threaten to kill me?
6:What do you think of Shinobis? Oh, wrong question...
ah well.
7:Pick a card. Any card. I bet it's MINE!
8:Do you like ramen?
9:If I use a power that can turn my into a sexy naked
babe... what whould you do?
10:That's my power.
Well, that's all. Adele's gone...FINALLY, and I'm
tired of typing for Vyse. *glance at his bound hands*
He has issues with Edmerald.

1) You mean an animal pet? Hey, ya seem to like Pow, do
you really need another pet?
2) Yes.
3) Since when did I make a move on Fina or Aika? I think
I've been quite civil, thank you very much!
4) ...
5) What the hell... no!
6) ?
7) Vyse, are you drunk?
8) ...
This is too weird. *Stalks off*

Vyse and Vize write:
It's Vyse again...sorry about the last letter, not
only we were at cutlass point and Edmerald had bound
my hands, we were on a very heavy suger high. Not
drunk, suger high. So sorry...
Anyways, I've looked throught the letter and tell you
why we wrote that. Again, my appologise.
1:You are aware Pow is kinda old. I mean...he's half
my age, and most of the dogs over at Pirate Isle
doesn't live that question I asked.
2:Turns out Vize had a serious need of money so his
mom could raise the family. Plus, with his sleeping came to lots of cash.
3:I'm rather overprotective. Fina is MINE, and Aika
is technicly my sister, so yeah.
4:Faina and Anita are his cousins that lives with him,
and Nancy is his little sister. We don't see her lots,
she's rather shy. 
5:Blame it on a fanfic of us I've read. You've put your
gun barrel right next to my heart(if that's what I 
recall...been a long time). 
6:Never mind, he shouldn't have spoken about them. >_> 
7:Now THIS what happens on a suger high. It was suppose
to be a magic trick, but I totally screw it up in my
hyperactive way. Gomen nesai.
makes them all the time! It's good. I'm eating some right
now. *slurps* 
9:From a manga/anime called Naruto. Nvm. 
10:Same as above.
I really want to thank Suin-Shi to let me use her PET,
or else this message wouldn't came. What do you know,
Adele's on a joyride...Later!
Ps:I'm at the Realm of Dreams, if ya wonderin'.

... O-kay then...

Coolgirl writes:
1.What would you rather do?
a.Kiss clara
b.Fight Piastol
c.Get a bunch of girls
2.Some girl you find(12 years of age)
Likes a guy thats (in his late 20's)
What r u to do?
3.Your opinion on Ramirez is?(I pesonaly think he
is scary.)

1. c, duh, Why do you even have to ask?
2. There are plenty more fish in the sea, as the saying
3. I feel sorry for him. If he had met someone like Vyse
first, who knows what couldnt have happened?

yo-tan writes:
gilder, what would you do if you saw a person dressed
up as you running around and making out with another person
dressed up as.. oh... say... ramirez?
can i take you home with me?

Who screens these questions, anyway?

Ramirez writes:
Don' t you think that Fina is a BITCH?! I think she should 

She can be my bitch anyday ;)

Love Foxy writes:
1) do you have a goatee? i have a big fetich for goatees!!!
mmm u cant beat a guy with a goatee!!
2) what type of woman do u go for? as in hair colour,eyes
colour and stuff like that!! i have dark purple/plum/black
hair! what u think?
3) out of all the females in the game which is your fave
and why?
4) if you could be any other character in the game who
would it be and why?
5) what do tou think of galcian? i think he has a great
goatee? how old is (i mean was ) the guy anyway?

1) I guess that's what you'd call it...
2) Anything with two legs and breasts...minus Gordo
3) Hmm... that's a hard one. I'd have to say Belleza.
4) Vyse because I admire him so much.
5) He was evil. He deserved what he got. And why the hell
would I know his age?

Love Foxy writes:
me again! just needed to ask a few more questions!
1) why do you like belleza so much? 
2) are you friends with vigero? 
3) hows vigero doing as a black pirate?
4) are you a black pirate because some people i know
think u are?
5) do you have any children seeing as youve slept with
so many women?
6) whats the funniest thing uve ever done?
7) whats the stupidest thing uve ever done?
8) whats ure most embarassing moment?
9) whats the most uve done to get a girl?
10) what was ure longest lasting relationship?
11) if someone offered you 10000000000000000 gold would
you sleep with osman and gordo?

1) Let's just say we knew each other well...
2) I guess you could say that...
3) No idea. Havn't talked to him since Vyse defeated him.
4) Right. I'm a black pirate because I go around robbing
innocent ships and killing people -_-()
5) You know, I probably do... I've never really thought
about it though.
6) That's a hard choice... I'm a funny guy ;)
7) Had sex with Clara. Seriously, now she follows me
around everywhere because she thinks I love her or
8) Once, when I was just starting out on my own, I
got killed by a looper...
9) I can't remember when I ever had to do more than
go up to one and introduce myself...
10) Actually my first one was... we were engaged and
all, then Black Pirates killed her...
11) Uh... hell no? Gold can be replaced. I can't.

Ask Gilder!