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Ask Gilder! Inspired (AKA copied from :P) SoAWorld's Mailbag, and demanded by fans (AKA one person), you can send in questions to Gilder here. Please keep questions appropriate.
Ask Gilder!

Nico-chan writes:
 1. Whats your fav of your S-moves?
 2. Whos' Better Vyse, Aika or Fina?
 3. You probally said Vyse, so, who's better,
Aika or Fina?
 4. Why do you use guns?
 5. Have you ever met Alfonso?
 6. Do you think he was a she?
 7. Did you know your right is you did?

1. Heh *pats gun* Gunslinger, of course.
2. Hmm...I admire Vyse's courage and determination,
but can't forget about the women. Honestly,
I can't say
3. How about a threesome? ;)
4. They're cool. Who doesn't love guns?
5. Yes...
6. Hell no!
7. Huh?
If that's it, I've got to get back to ;) If you'll excuse me...

Zelda writes:
Hey, Gilder!  I got some questions for you!
1. Have you ever slept with Aika?
2. Have you ever slept with Fina?
3. Did you really sleep with Belleza?!
4. Wanna stay over at my house, sexy?
5. Have you ever met Scarlett before?
6. Boxers or briefs?
7. Why does your bird wear that goofy-looking hat?

1. No.
2. No.
3. What do you think? ;)
4. Hmm...How about you come to my ship? ;)
5. No, who's Scarlett?
6. Boxers, when I'm actually wearing underwear ;)
7. Because he can...and it attracts the ladies (who
wonder why he's wearing that goofy-looking hat)

Zonr_0 writes:
1.How many women have you met
2.How many women have you gone out with
3.How many women have you slept with?
4.Are you jealous of vyse?
5.what do you think about Galcian?
6.What do you think about Ramirez
7.Why is clara so attached to you?
8.How does she keep finding you?
9.Whats your favorite weapon?
10.Why does your crew only make a one second
appearance in SOAL?
11.Do you think you will be in SOA2? (methinks yes) much did those clothes cost anyway?
13.If you had to choose between being eaten alive by
sewer rats and being married to Clara, which would you
14.Have you ever had any close calls with her before?
15.What are your best previous/present/future tactics
to avoid the annoying stalker?

1. Enough :)
2. You mean dated? Um...what's your definition of "date?"
3. I don't keep track! How many days are in a year,
anyway?..... *counts*
4. I assume you're talking about Aika and Fina? Well...
n...aww who am I trying to kid. Yes.
5. He's a coward. Belleza deserved a better death...
6. He just got with the wrong people. If he had found
people like Vyse, I'm sure things would have been
7. How was I supposed to know that she views sex as
a precursor to marriage?
8. How the hell am I supposed to know? If I did, don't
you think she WOULDN'T find me?
9. Guns...what else?
10. Because the game isn't rated M.
11. I hope so...
12. Quite a bit...but the girls like 'em.
13. Ahem...rats like cheese, don't they? Excuse me...
*goes to get some cheese*
14. Yeah....all of them.
15. Operation Clara! Heh, you'd think she'd have caught
on already...

Silverwolf writes:
Gilder, are you Dryden's brother? (Dryden is the merchant 
from Vision of Escaflowne. He became a King afterward,
then came back to merchant). You have the same attitude,
the same glasses, the same face!  In fatc, if we'd give
guns to Dryden, he'd look almost exactly like 
you. Only difference would be clothes and the parrot.

Um... Considering I have no idea who that is,
I would think not.

(Note: A lot of people look like Gilder, such as Vash, but
that doesn't mean they're related...)

Kevin writes:
1. Why name your ship "Claudia"?  It's a little close
to "Clara"...
2. What did you do to Clara to deserve being chased
by her endlessly?
3. When flying the Claudia in the game, why can't I visit
your bridge our tour the ship?
4. If you love adventures/brawls so much, why can't I
sail the Claudia over Valua OR north of it where the
"stronger monsters" are?
5. Which would you prefer... endless loqua, endless
treasure, or endless girls?

1. Claudia was my mother's name.
2. Umm... see #7 in my answers to Zonr_0
3. See #10 in my answers to Zonr_0
4. I love adventure, but I sure ain't dumb! I'm not
gonna risk my ship and crew with those kindsa creatures!
5. Damn, that's a tough one. Treasure cause with it
you can buy loqua and girls ;)

Shing writes:
questions: 1.What's your favorite kind of....
fun in bed?
2.What is the exact kind of gun you have. If it's
not a custom job?
3.How much did the gun cost?
Can I borrow your clothes for Halloween?
What is your parrot's fav food?

1. You mean my favorite position? I don't think I
really have one...they're all great
2. My fav is the one Ryu-kan made for me. Sleek and
stylish, yet functional!
3. 9,460 gold. But Vyse bought it for me.
Everyone's out for my shirt these days... As for
Willy... I dunno, I don't feed him. I think the men
feed him whatever's left after meals...

Adele the Vyse Rabid Fangirl Protector writes:
Konnichiwa, Gilder! How's it going? Here's my questions.
1-Whadja think of Vize? I bet you hate him.
2-What's with those guns? I mean...they are the best,
but don't you think you can do a GunBlade with it? 
*Oops, that was my idea with Vy...*
3-If Vyse had a sexy twin sister, would you go out 
with her? *And yes,  I do mean $3X!
4-What do you think would be a nice pet for Vyse*I 
think Pow's Dyne, right?*
a)a SkySeer waring Neko that follows Vyse's orders and 
can imitate a neko version of Cutlass Fury;
b)A dog that carries extra cutlasses and bites the 
enemies, or;
c)A 1-year-old gay Heartless that really is a 
demon-like creature who adores light, MegaMan and swords?
5-Last but not least, how did you reacted when Drachma 
That's all my questions, Gilder-kun! See ya later! 

1. No, why would I hate him? I respect him.
2. Heh, close range just isn't my style. I dunno,
I don't really like using blades that much.
3. What kind of a question is that? Hell yeah!
4. Well, Pow is as good as Vyse's...
But I think he'd like a dog...maybe. Why doncha
ask him?
5. Drachma died? That's news to me... I actually
didn't know him that well, but still...

Anarkin writes:
Hey Gilder! Just want to ask a few questions 
because I'm bored:
1) What's with the glasses? You're not short-
sighted are you? 
2) Where do you get your hair cut? I want a 
style just liek that! ;)
3) How old's Willy? And why did you call him 
Willy? It sounds a little.... strange...
4) Aika, Fina, Belleza or Alfonso?
5) Where'd you get your outfit? Marks and 
6) What's your favourite part of a woman's body?
7) How do you judge a woman as being beautiful?
8) What's your favourite colour? And why?
9) *This question was censorred due to unaproppriate 
10) If the rains of destruction fell on Arcadia, 
and only you, Osman and Clara survived, how would you 
prolong the existance of humans on Arcadia?

1) Hey, I can't help it that chicks like glasses!
They're sunglasses anyway.
2) I don't cut it that often... and I usually do
it myself...
3) Willy? I've had him for quite a few years now...
He's probably around 5 years old. As for his name,
it makes a great pickup line, doncha agree?
4) Belleza...why the hell is Alfonso in there?
5) Just something I picked up...
6) Wow, that's a hard one...I don't think I can 
choose ;)
7) I've always liked long hair, but I'll pretty much
take any woman that comes along...
8) Red, obviously, because it represents power,
strength, and determination. And passion/love ;)
9) *This reply was censored due to inappropriate
10) I wouldn't...

Ask Gilder!