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    Gilder and Willy
    A fast color pencil sketch of Gilder and Willy.
    Drawn by Kam
    Baby Gilder
    Gilder goes with his gun and gunslinger rules!!
    Drawn by xLouisax
    I drew this one before the baby pic, realising that he didn't have his gun (:o
    Drawn by xLouisax
    Suave Gilder
    I sketched a picture of Gilder. And colored it. So this is the result.
    Drawn by Tony Nguyen
    Sonic's SoA Adventure!
    A crossover of Sonic the Hedgehog and Skies of Arcadia. Do not use without permission.
    Drawn by ZeldaGal
    Wrong move
    Gilder shouldn't try to romance EVERY woman. Tifa isn't charmed. She plays rough!
    Drawn by Rainer Zachary
    Gilder in a gunfight!
    Drawn by Annie Felis
    Gilder and Willy
    Gilder with Willy and his gun
    Drawn by xLouisax
    Gilder Pencil Sketch
    A sketch of Gilder. I did stop halfway through, and I didn't shade the face.
    Drawn by RobotBob
    Gilder Doll
    Now I shall post one of my bizzare dolls based in a wonderful character....GILDER!
    Drawn by Nirvanoid